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  1. White House Pointlessly Threatens to Revoke Security Clearances From CriticsSome don’t actually have them, and the rest aren’t using them, but whatever.
  2. foreign policy
    Former Intel Chiefs Think Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin, OthersJohn Brennan and James Clapper say Trump’s vulnerabilities could prove “perilous” for the U.S.
  3. Sally Yates Told White House That Russia Could Blackmail Mike Flynn“To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised by the Russians,” the former acting attorney general testified.
  4. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Submits His Resignation“[It] felt pretty good,” he told a panel of lawmakers.
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    Last Friday’s Internet Outage Was Likely Caused by ‘Non-State Actors’Preliminary evidence suggests it wasn’t Russia or China.
  6. international intrigue
    North Korea Releases 2 American Prisoners Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller are on their way back to the United States.
  7. James Clapper Comes Up With Latest Excuse for Lying to CongressHe just “didn’t think” about the program that collects phone metadata from everybody. 
  8. bons mots
    James Clapper Is Taking This NSA Business Very SeriouslyNo, he’s not. 
  9. Clapper Answered Wyden in ‘Least Untruthful’ WayHe admits it might have been “too cute by half.”
  10. Government Defends Phone & Internet SurveillanceSupposedly the programs are “important and entirely legal.”
  11. early and awkward
    Did the Director of National Intelligence Lie?Watch it. 
  12. terrorble
    The Director of National Intelligence Stares Blankly When Asked About Major International Counterterrorism OperationPlease pay attention, because this concerns you.
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    James Clapper Has to Be the Director of National Intelligence NowCongratulations, we think.