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James Clyburn

  1. politics
    Nina Turner Learns the Hard Way That Democrats Like Joe BidenThe lefty hopeful blew a race for Congress when it turned into a referendum on her disdain for party leaders.
  2. super tuesday
    This Is Not the Joe Biden You KnowBiden has risen to the top of the Democratic primary on the strength of voters’ feelings about who he is, not the current reality.
  3. vision 2020
    Carolina Kingmaker Clyburn to Give Biden a Timely Boost With an EndorsementIn a state Biden must win, he got the most important endorsement, but it may not be enough to preserve a win in his one-time “firewall.”
  4. synonyms
    James Clyburn: Romney and Bain Involved in ‘Raping Companies’A Clyburn spokeswoman says he used the term as “a synonym for rob or plunder.”
  5. equal rites
    Top House Democrats Don’t Want You to Know Where They Stand on Gay MarriageIt’s not just Obama.
  6. joetorious
    Joe Biden Will Never Live Down That Sort-of–Racist Thing He Said About President ObamaArticulate, bright, and clean are all words with special meanings for Biden.
  7. weird al greene
    Was Alvin Greene a Republican Plant?One South Carolina congressman is calling for the Justice Department to investigate.
  8. Can President Obama Find the Votes to Pass Health-Care Reform in the House?The White House hustles to find 216 votes.