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James Comey Firing

  1. Reports: Trump Drafted Angry, Unsent Letter to Comey Before FiringNot surprisingly, it was about Russia.
  2. Trump Can Commit All the High Crimes He Wants. Republicans Won’t Impeach Him.There’s almost literally nothing Trump could do to make Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell remove him from office.
  3. Donald Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy▶️ “The president used the word ‘wiretapped’ in quotes.”
  4. the national interest
    Joe Lieberman Is Donald Trump’s Ideal PatsyThe perfect combination of surface independence and pliability.
  5. Republicans: Trump Was Just Joking About Obstructing JusticeThe defense of the administration heads into absurd territory.
  6. Trump’s Odds of Impeachment Just Spiked on the Betting MarketsMeanwhile, more and more House Democrats are uttering the I-word.
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    Trump’s Protective Republican Wall in Congress CracksThe situation in Congress changed dramatically in one evening.
  8. the national interest
    Sean Spicer’s Tape Stonewall Just Got 10 Feet Higher“The president has made it clear what his position is.” That is the opposite of the truth.
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    Reports: Trump Considering Staff Shakeup at Demoralized White HouseThe president knows who’s to blame for the fallout over Comey, and it’s definitely not himself.
  10. international affairs
    Is America Becoming a Failed State?The rule of law has been compromised to some extent. Let’s look around the world to see where that leaves us.
  11. Sean Spicer Wants You to Know That the Tweet Speaks for ItselfHow many times does he have to say it?
  12. the national interest
    Trump’s Constantly Changing Lies Are Making Life Impossible for His DefendersThe president can’t even remember why he was supposed to have fired James Comey.