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    ‘The Russia Story,’ as It Happened on Social MediaHow the year’s biggest story was encountered in 2017 by rabid Democrats, recalcitrant Republicans, and everyone else on the internet
  2. Trump Pulling Gorsuch Over ‘Disloyalty’ Would’ve Been Crazier Than Firing ComeyTrump reportedly reconsidered his Supreme Court nomination — one of his only major accomplishments — due to Gorsuch’s mild, strategic criticism.
  3. Presidential Attacks on the FBI Are Losing Their NoveltyWhile ex–Justice Department officials were upset by Trump’s tweet that the bureau is in “tatters,” the general reaction was underwhelming.
  4. Trump Goes After FBI in Morning TweetstormHe called James Comey a liar again, among other accusations.
  5. Jeff Sessions, the JokesterUndermining the rule of law for a cheap laugh isn’t funny.
  6. Rogue Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against TrumpThe move is in defiance of Democratic leadership.
  7. James Comey Announced His Book Title and It’s a Clear Jab at TrumpRemember when Trump asked for his “loyalty”? Comey clearly does.
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    Republicans Develop a Theory of Alt-Collusion to Defend Trump From Mueller“No puppet, no puppet, you’re the puppet” is now the official Republican case against Robert Mueller.
  9. Former FBI Director Comey Booed, Interrupted During Howard University SpeechSome students did not appreciate his past comments about policing.
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    Donald Trump: L’état, C’est MoiThe president explains his belief that a conflict of interest is any loyalty to anything but Trump.
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    Fired FBI Director James Comey Is Writing a BookAnd, yes, he’s going to write about his experience dealing with Trump.
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    The Man Who Made Liberals Newly Enamored of the Deep StateIn their desire to see Trump banished, they’ve embraced some unusual bedfellows, like Benjamin Wittes.
  13. Trump: James Comey’s Leaks Were ‘So Illegal!’In his morning tweetstorm, the president also suggested that the media would never be as hard on Chelsea Clinton as it is on Ivanka.
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    Steve Bannon Is Out of Trump’s Doghouse and Leading the Charge Against MuellerWhy does the president double-down every time it seems like he should retreat? Because Bannon is still his chief tactician.
  15. Trump Rethinks ‘Attack the Lead Investigator’ Approach to Russia ProbeTrump won’t file a complaint against James Comey for leaking (for now), as a gesture of goodwill toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  16. The Senate Is Now Investigating Former Attorney General Loretta LynchThe Justice Department’s handling of the Clinton email investigation is at the center of the senators’ questions.
  17. Fox & Friends Embarrasses Itself With Story on Comey’s NYT Visit That Wasn’tTurns out, the former FBI director was attending an event for a nonprofit that works with abused children.
  18. Trump Calls Mueller’s Friendship With Comey ‘Bothersome’The president also admitted that his “tape” bluff was an attempt to intimidate Comey’s testimony.
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    Trump Says He Doesn’t Have Any Comey Tapes After AllThe president admitted on Twitter Thursday that he “did not make, and do[es] not have, any such recordings” of his meetings with James Comey.
  20. Master Troll Vladimir Putin Offers Comey Political Asylum“We would be ready to offer political asylum to Mr. Comey if he is persecuted in the U.S.,” the Russian president said.
  21. Trump Is Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice: ReportThe special counsel is interviewing senior intelligence officials to determine whether Trump’s conduct toward Comey constituted a federal crime.
  22. Jeff Sessions Still Doesn’t Have a Convincing Story on Comey FiringIn his Senate testimony, he acted like a lawyer with an especially difficult client — which is kind of true.
  23. the national interest
    Trump Crazy Enough to Fire the Special Prosecutor. Four Reasons Why He Might.Four reasons why the latest unthinkable step could happen.
  24. the national interest
    No, James Comey Did Not Say President Trump Is in the Clear on Russia“It was technically true we did not have a counter-intelligence file case open on then President-elect Trump.” Vindication?
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    Preet Bharara Says He Too Was Made ‘Uncomfortable’ by Trump’s Contact AttemptsJames Comey wasn’t the only one receiving unwanted phone calls from the president.
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    Donald Trump Jr. May Have Accidentally Confirmed Part of Comey’s TestimonyThe president’s son might want to brush up on his dad’s defense strategy before going on TV again.
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    Sessions Will Appear Before Senate Intel Committee on TuesdayIt’s not yet clear if it will be an open or closed session.
  28. Trump Offers to Testify That Comey Committed PerjuryThe president says he never encouraged Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn — and would be happy to say so under oath.
  29. Trump’s Lawyer to File Complaint Over Comey’s ‘Leaked’ MemoComey made “unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president,” Marc Kasowitz said.
  30. Team Trump’s Response to Comey’s Testimony Is an Assault on ReasonThe president says that James Comey is a liar — and also a reliable source who completely and totally vindicates him.
  31. Comey Told Senators of a Third Meeting Between Sessions and RussiansThe attorney general has admitted to two meetings with the Russian ambassador. There may have been a third.
  32. Trump Lawyer Hints Comey Part of ‘Deep State’ ConspiracyAfter calling Comey a liar, Trump attorney identifies him with the leakers some Trump fans believe are trying reverse the election.
  33. The 9 Biggest Revelations From James Comey’s Testimony on TrumpTo name just one: The FBI director believes that Trump’s actions may have constituted obstruction of justice.
  34. While Comey Was Calling Trump a Liar, Trump Was Quoting the Bible“Because as the Bible tells us, we know that the truth will prevail,” he told an audience of Evangelicals.
  35. Trump Is Not Going to Win a Personal Credibility Contest With James ComeyComey’s Senate testimony leads inevitably to a he-said/he-said dispute over facts. Trump’s lawyer took the bait in responding.
  36. Paul Ryan’s Excuse for Trump: He’s ‘Just New to This’The House Speaker brushed off Trump’s conversations with James Comey as the missteps of a political novice.
  37. Recap: James Comey Testifies on Trump to the SenateHere are the 9 most significant things we learned, and full blow-by-blow of the highly anticipated hearing.
  38. Wary of More Legal Trouble, White House Outsources Comey Response to RNCThe response to Comey’s testimony will include GIFs, video clips, and contradictory talking points – plus whatever Trump tweets.
  39. Trump Feels ‘Totally Vindicated’ by Comey’s TestimonyComey’s testimony establishes that Trump interfered with an FBI investigation, and then lied about doing so.
  40. Christie Defends Trump’s Comey Convos As ‘Normal New York City’ TalkAs governor of New Jersey, he would know.
  41. Comey Statement Shows President Doesn’t Know or Care About Limits to His PowerRegardless of what the president said to the FBI director, his insistence on inappropriate direct meetings amplifies his lack of respect for the law.
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    How to Watch Former FBI Director James Comey Testify Before the SenateGet yourself a livestream link and tune in.
  43. 9 Quick Takeaways From James Comey’s Testimony About President TrumpThe former FBI director just confirmed that Trump repeatedly tried to compromise the independence of federal law enforcement.
  44. 3 FBI Officials Prepared to Corroborate Comey Testimony on Trump MeetingIf James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony boils down to his side of the story versus Trump’s, he’s bringing some FBI backup.
  45. The History of Trump and Comey’s Tumultuous RelationshipComey is set to testify on how he went from having Trump’s “respect” to being dismissed as a “nut job” in less than a year.
  46. For Trump, Loyalty Is Everything — and a One-Way StreetHe’s totally willing to turn devoted supporters and staffers into scapegoats. That’s going to cause big problems.
  47. Trump May Live-Tweet Comey HearingHere’s what Trump plans to do while his former FBI director is testifying to the Senate Thursday.
  48. White House Will Battle Comey Without a War RoomTrump wanted a rapid-response “war room” in place before James Comey started talking. But soldiers have been reluctant to enlist.
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    Trump Won’t Try to Block Comey Testimony With Executive-Privilege Claim: ReportThe White House seems to be backing away from the shady possible strategy, which was unlikely to work anyway.
  50. Trump’s Attempt to Find a New FBI Director Is a Predictable MessDuring one candidate’s interview, Trump seemed distracted and only talked about himself, according to Reuters.
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