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    Lawsuit Says Google Employee Fired for Speaking Out Against RacismGoogle employees are claiming that they have been fired or reprimanded for speaking out against racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.
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    Alex Jones Is Reportedly Banned From GoogleEx-Googler and anti-diversity-memo writer James Damore filed a class-action lawsuit today, and it is just full of fascinating tidbits.
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    James Damore’s 15 Minutes Are Finally UpThe Googler behind this summer’s infamous anti-diversity memo has some questions about the KKK.
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    Ex-Google Engineer Hires Harmeet Dhillon As Lawyer, Seeks Possible Class ActionJames Damore is not giving up his fight after being fired for his anti-diversity memo.
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    Fired Engineer Says Being Conservative at Google Is ‘Like Being Gay in the 50s’James Damore also claims his anti-diversity memo “empowered” women at Google.
  6. Yikes: Alt-Right Demonstrations Are Scheduled for Nine Cities Next WeekendUpdate: Organizers have announced the cancellation of the marches, citing ‘Terrorist Threats’
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    Here Are Some Scientific Arguments James Damore Has Yet to Respond ToIt’s all about rational debate.
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    Google Cancels Meeting on Bad MemoEmployees were worried about harassment.
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    Fired Google-Memo Author James Damore’s First Stop: Alt-Right YouTubeHarvard University once had to publicly apologize for his sexist behavior while he was a student.
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    Googler Fired Over Anti-Diversity Memo Files Federal Labor ComplaintJames Damore wrote a ten-page memo implying that women are biologically inferior to men.