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  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Colorado Theater Shooter Still Faces Death PenaltyJurors had the option to rule out the punishment after hearing more about James Holmes’s mental illness.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Theater Shooter’s Ex-Girlfriend Asked Him to See a TherapistAfter he talked about killing people.
  3. shootings
    James Holmes Called Mental-Health Hotline Moments Before Theater ShootingHe explains he wanted “to see if I should turn back or not.”
  4. law and order
    Colorado Begins Search for James Holmes JuryIn fact, it may be more difficult than for the Boston bomber.
  5. death penalty
    Aurora Shooter’s Parents Plead for His Life: ‘He Is Not a Monster’They say letting the case go to trial would only cause “additional trauma.”
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Unsurprisingly, James Holmes Had Creepy Dating Profiles“Will you visit me in prison?”
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    James Holmes’s Lawyers Admit He Did ItThey’re still pleading the insanity defense.
  8. aurora shooting
    James Holmes Loses the Shackles, Still Won’t Be Going AnywhereHe’ll be chained to the floor.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    James Holmes to Plead InsanityThe Aurora shooter could still be found guilty.
  10. media
    Fox News Reporter Not Going to Jail, for NowJana Winter has won a reprieve.
  11. media
    Fox News Demanding Press Freedom for One of Its Own [Updated]Why isn’t the media rallying with them?
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Meet James Holmes: Beer Drinking Pulp Fiction FanNewly unsealed documents include chillingly personal details.
  13. aurora shooting
    James Holmes Is Willing to Plead Guilty to Avoid the Death PenaltyProsecutors have only a few days to decide.
  14. photo op
    James Holmes’s Crazy New Beard Is Not Doing Him Any FavorsThe Aurora shooter is back in court today with a new look.
  15. aurora shooting
    Fox News Reporter Won’t Reveal James Holmes Notebook SourceShe’s fighting the court’s request to have her testify. 
  16. aurora shooting
    James Holmes Will Stand Trial, Hasn’t Decided How to PleadThe defense wants to postpone his arraignment.
  17. aurora shooting
    James Holmes Smirks As Disturbing Self-Portraits Are Shown in CourtHe’s shown wearing black contacts and holding his guns.
  18. aurora shooting
    Bombs in Holmes’ Apartment Meant to Trick PoliceIt might have worked if his neighbors knocked on his door.
  19. aurora shooting
    Police Say James Holmes Was ‘Detached’ and ‘Very Relaxed’ After Theater Massacre“It was like there weren’t normal emotional responses to anything,” said an officer.
  20. journalism
    Lawyers for James Holmes Want Fox News Reporter’s Notebook SourceThey plan to subpoena reporter Jana Winter.
  21. aurora shooting
    Doctor Rejected Offer to Put James Holmes Under Psychiatric HoldThough he’d talked about killing “a lot of people.”
  22. aurora shooting
    James Holmes Hospitalized After Possible Suicide AttemptSources say he’s tried to kill himself before.
  23. lawsuits
    Aurora Shooting Victims Sue Movie TheaterThey’re claiming negligence. 
  24. photo op
    James Holmes Loses Crazy Hair, Keeps Crazy EyesThe Aurora gunman’s new photo.
  25. aurora shooting
    James Holmes May Have Called Psychiatrist Minutes Before ShootingShe only found out today.
  26. in poor taste
    Professor Made James Holmes Joke in Class With Son of Man Killed in ShootingHe has ten days to contest his proposed firing.
  27. aurora shooting
    Judge Releases New Information on Aurora Shooting, Keeps Gag Order in PlaceLawyers complained about Holmes’s seat in the courtroom.
  28. aurora shooting
    James Holmes’s Attorneys Prep Insanity DefenseJudging from their frequent references to his “mental illness.”
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    James Holmes Charged With 24 Counts of First-Degree Murder in Colorado ShootingHe appeared in court for the second time today.
  30. inappropriate comparisons
    Here’s a Billboard Comparing President Obama to the Colorado ShooterClassy.
  31. scary things
    Today in Uncomfortable Work EnvironmentsA Department of Education employee is obsessed with James Holmes and hates his co-workers.
  32. sad things
    Better Mail Service Might Have Stopped the Aurora MassacreJames Holmes sent his plans to a college professor.
  33. aurora shooting
    Mother of James Holmes Says She Didn’t Tell ABC Her Son Was the Killer [Updated]That would make two big screwups in one story for the network.
  34. aurora shooting
    James Holmes Appears Blank, Sleepy, and Possibly Drugged in CourtThe accused Aurora shooter made his first public appearance this morning.
  35. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Not Letting Up on Gun-Control Fight After Colorado ShootingThe mayor is not letting up after the shooting in Colorado.
  36. aurora shooting
    Police: Colorado Shooter Planned Attack With ‘Calculation and Deliberation’Evidence of premeditation means it’ll be difficult for James Holmes to plead insanity. 
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    James Holmes Seemed Like ‘a Normal Dude’The Colorado shooter has mostly been described as nice, smart, and quiet. 
  38. aurora shooting
    Police Preparing to Enter Colorado Shooter’s Booby-Trapped Apartment [Updated]Officials say James Holmes has “a level of expertise” when it comes to explosives. 
  39. sad things
    12 Killed at Dark Knight Rises ShowingHorrific.