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James Lipton

  1. James Lipton Fondly Recalls His Days As a Pimp“It was a great year.”
  2. early and often
    James Lipton on the Debate: A New Romney DebutsThe “master thespian” gives Romney high marks and calls out Obama’s bad body language.
  3. inside the presidents studio
    James Lipton Grades Presidents’ Acting SkillsOn George W. Bush: “That is not acting, it is a soul revealed and it makes me want to weep.”
  4. early and often
    How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney From Inside the Actors StudioStart with the laugh — it’s not working.
  5. gossipmonger
    Robert Pattinson Is Being Hunted by New York’s LadiesThey vant to suck his blood. Also, Rihanna demonstrates that sparkly nipple pasties are a surefire way to draw attention away from your domestic-abuse scandal, and Bradley Cooper is coming to town!
  6. party lines
    James Lipton Thinks Our Money Problems Are SolvedAnd the Hamptons have something to do with it.
  7. gossipmonger
    Jill Zarin Is Now Fighting With James LiptonHe reportedly said she is not a serious actress. And more celebrity feuds, in our daily gossip roundup.