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    With Murkowski ‘Struggling’ Over Trump Vote, He Says He’ll Back Her OpponentShe could be a prospect for a party-switch after November, particularly now that Trump is vowing to oppose her reelection.
  2. the national interest
    Mattis Calls Trump Unfit. Trump Calls Mattis Yet Another of His Terrible Hires.The president formally responds to the most serious charge yet made by a Cabinet official against a president.
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    Former Pentagon Chief James Mattis Blasts Trump for Violating ConstitutionIt’s not a good sign when former subordinates trained for quiet discipline begin to call Trump a threat to the Constitution.
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    Former Defense Secretary Mattis Says He’ll Speak Out About Trump, Just Not YetMattis says there’s a period during which he owes his silence, but “it’s not going to be forever.”
  5. the national circus
    Trump Removes Mattis As Defense Secretary Two Months Ahead of ScheduleTrump rebukes Mattis by tweet for his resignation letter, with deputy Patrick Shanahan to fill in as Acting Defense Secretary on January 1.
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    Read Defense Secretary Mattis’s Full Letter to Donald TrumpJames Mattis tendered his resignation today, and wrote a letter to the President explaining his reasons for doing so.
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    The U.S. Is Finally Pushing for an End to the War in YemenAfter helping Saudi Arabia create a humanitarian crisis, the U.S. now wants to end it.
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    Trump’s Cynical Caravan GambitTrump treats the Central American migrant caravan like a military threat because he wants a war-panicked electorate.
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    Report: Mattis Not Enough of a Suck-Up for Trump, May Be on the Way OutTrump would prefer a defense secretary who disdains international agreements and laughs at his jokes a little harder.
  10. The Reporter Who Took Down a UnicornHow John Carreyrou battled corporate surveillance and intimidation to expose a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up as a fraud.
  11. Officials Confirm That Trump Bombed Syria to Validate His TweetsMattis asked Trump to seek congressional approval for the strike. But he wanted to be “seen as backing up a series of bellicose tweets with action.”
  12. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump Only Knows ChaosDon’t look too deeply for motive in any of the unnecessary crises he’s creating.
  13. Mattis Had a Nearly Impossible Task. Now Trump Is Making It Even Harder.From Syria withdrawal to sending troops to the border, squaring Trump’s desires with military policy is a tall order. How long can Mattis keep it up?
  14. Trump Administration Announces Restrictive Trans Military PolicyThere’s a good chance this won’t fly in court.
  15. Report: H.R. McMaster to Be Fired — at Kelly and Mattis’s BehestThe White House is preparing to oust its national security adviser and replace him with an executive from Ford Motor Company, according to NBC News.
  16. Commerce Department Offers Trump Ammunition for His Trade WarTrump has until April 11 to decide whether to impose high tariffs on aluminum and steel. It’s a subject that divides his party and administration.
  17. Mattis: The U.S. Needs a Smaller Nuke to Prevent Nuclear WarThe Defense Secretary said if the military had smaller nukes, it would deter nations from hitting the U.S. with small nuclear weapons of their own.
  18. The Pentagon Is Afraid to Give Trump More Military Options on North KoreaTop Defense officials believe that a military strike would be reckless and unnecessary — and don’t trust Trump to reach the same conclusion.
  19. Indonesian Soldiers Drink Snake Blood, Head-Butt Bricks for James MattisThe secretary of Defense was treated to a wild show in Jakarta.
  20. White House Officials Are Afraid of Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’Thus far, Trump has allowed his advisers to overrule his worst instincts. But “the adults” are losing influence — and the “Button” is in his hands.
  21. Trump to Put ‘Quartet of Warriors’ in Charge of Foreign PolicyRex Tillerson’s dismissal will be no surprise. But the military-heavy character of the new team that will ascend to power in his absence is ominous.
  22. Will the Generals Save Us From Trump?The unusual influence of the military on this president is a gift and a curse.
  23. Aides to Trump: U.S. Needs to Police the World to Protect Corporate InterestsTrump’s top advisers (reportedly) told him that America needs a globe-spanning army in order to “make the world safe” for U.S. businesses like his.
  24. Mattis Tells Troops to ‘Hold the Line’ Amid Divisions in U.S.“Until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other.”
  25. White House Finds Solution to Transgender Military Ban: Delay, Let Mattis DecideThe reported plan gives Mattis six months to figure out what Trump’s tweets mean for service members — and by then the courts may have weighed in.
  26. Why It’s So Hard to ‘Deter’ North KoreaNorth Korea places a huge value on projecting itself as a Great Power that can “deter” its enemies. And that’s true, whether or not it has nukes.
  27. The Pentagon Is Preparing to Send 4,000 More U.S. Troops to AfghanistanThere are currently 8,400 U.S. troops in the country, along with 5,000 NATO soldiers.
  28. Mattis Is Last Adult Standing in Trumpworld. That’s Unsettling for Many Reasons.Putting the burden of the republic on a former general’s shoulders is risky for everyone — including the military.
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    Secretary of Defense Mattis Makes Surprise Visit to AfghanistanThere was reportedly a Taliban bombing at a U.S. base the same day as his visit.
  30. Report: White House Mulls Sending Thousands of U.S. Ground Troops Into SyriaH. R. McMaster is reportedly pressing his colleagues to consider sending up to 50,000 ground troops to fight ISIS.
  31. Trump Says ‘Something Should Happen’ to Assad After Chemical Attack in SyriaThe president is reportedly weighing military action in Syria.
  32. Cleaning Up After Trump, Mattis Says U.S. Won’t Steal Iraqi OilThe Defense Secretary arrives in Baghdad as a part of his world tour of walking back Trump statements.
  33. Mattis: Russia Must ‘Prove Itself’ Before Collaborating with U.S. MilitaryThe Defense Secretary appeared to shoot down plans for the U.S. and Russia to align against ISIS.
  34. Report: Trump Picks Former Mattis Aide Robert Harward As Flynn ReplacementThe president has asked the former Navy SEAL and current Lockheed Martin executive to be his new national security adviser, Reuters reports.
  35. James Mattis to NATO Members: Increase Spending or ElseOther secretaries of Defense have delivered similar lectures. But this one went further.
  36. Michael Flynn’s Resignation Is the Best News of the Trump Presidency So FarThe Trump administration just lost its most dangerous Islamophobic conspiracy theorist.
  37. The Mattis-Bannon Race for Secret President May Be Most Important of Our LivesBannon says a war with China is inevitable. Mattis is telling our allies that we don’t need to take “military steps” against Beijing or Tehran.
  38. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Is Sane Enough to Sail Through the SenateAt his confirmation hearing, the ex-general broke with Trump on Putin, NATO, and the Iran deal.
  39. Former CIA Director Resigns From Trump’s Transition TeamAnd he isn’t the only one who’s finding the job of “relatively sane national security adviser to Donald Trump” to be a challenging one.