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  1. the media
    James Murdoch Quits News Corp Board, Citing Editorial RiftRupert Murdoch’s youngest son is publicly done with his family’s controversial media empire — but he still stands to profit from it.
  2. Ascension of Conservative Murdoch Son Ensures New Fox Will Be a Lot Like Old FoxLachlan Murdoch, reported to be politically aligned with his father, has been named CEO of the “new Fox.”
  3. charlottesville
    James Murdoch Says There Are ‘No Good Nazis,’ Pledges $1 Million to ADLThe 21st Century Fox CEO and son of Rupert Murdoch says Trump’s reaction was concerning.
  4. fox news news
    Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to GoIt’s official. His replacement in the 8 p.m. slot is Tucker Carlson.
  5. fox news news
    Sources: The Murdochs Are Turning Against Bill O’ReillyWith only six days remaining in the embattled host’s vacation, the debate over his fate is intensifying.
  6. fox news news
    Bill O’Reilly Is Going on Vacation. Will His Show Return?James and Rupert Murdoch are debating whether to give the longtime host the boot, Fox sources say.
  7. Megyn Kelly’s Departure Is a Big Clue About the Future of Fox NewsMaybe it won’t reinvent itself as a politically moderate network after all.
  8. media
    Will James Murdoch Ever Control Roger Ailes?The younger Murdoch cares about climate change, but he also cares about the $1 billion Fox News nets annually.
  9. murdoch family values
    How Rupert Murdoch Brought His Prodigal Son Back Into the FoldLachlan kept saying he wouldn’t return to the family business. The old man wouldn’t take “no.”
  10. the murdochs
    The Murdoch Boys Both Got Promotions Lachlan will join his father as non-executive co-chairman of News Corp.
  11. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdoch Son Lands on Vice Media BoardThe prodigal one is back in business.
  12. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Might Take Over Fox Networks, But Not Fox NewsRupert’s son is creeping a bit closer to Roger Ailes’s territory.
  13. scandal-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Gets Off Easy in British Regulator ReportBSkyB was found to be “fit and proper,” but James Murdoch not so much.
  14. scandal-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Has Resigned From News Corp.’s British Publishing Boards Is he getting ready to sell?
  15. media
    Rupert Murdoch Will Split News Corp. in TwoThe board has approved the plan to divide the entertainment side and the less profitable publishing parts.
  16. the most important people in the world
    James Murdoch and David Stern Hosted an Illuminati Meeting at the NBA FinalsWelcome to their ranks, LeBron James.
  17. media
    James Murdoch Wanted a White iPhone for His ‘Secret’ CellAuthorities are investigating the second devices of four execs.
  18. scandal-stained wretches
    Rebekah Brooks Charged With Perverting JusticeHer husband and four others are also being prosecuted.
  19. ink-stained wretches
    Can Finger-pointing Over Phone Hacking Reignite the NYC Tabloid War?The Post blames the Daily News editor on behalf of Rupert Murdoch.
  20. scandal-stained wretches
    Parliament Says Rupert Murdoch ‘Not Fit’ to Run News Corp. [Updated]Harsh words from Parliament.
  21. scandal-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Swears in Testimony That His Political Influence Isn’t ‘Sinister’The News Corp. boss got grilled for hours today, but denied almost everything.
  22. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Testifies Again in Media InquiryIt’s more of the same today from the embattled media mogul.
  23. scandal-stained wretches
    Three Arrested in News Corp. Investigation Ahead of More Murdoch TestimonyCriminal charges could be next.
  24. phone hacking scandal
    James Murdoch To Step Down As BSkyB Chairman [Updated]The phone-hacking scandal that launched a thousand resignations.
  25. James Murdoch Is Out of Another JobHe has resigned from the board of Times Newspapers Holdings.
  26. James Murdoch Blames Daily News Editor for Not Telling Him About Hacking“The evidence given by Mssr. Myler displays inconsistencies on this subject.”
  27. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Insists He’s Still Sorry, InnocentThe News Corporation son had made a final written plea about phone hacking to Parliament.
  28. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Out As Executive Chairman of News InternationalRupert’s scandal-plagued son is finally taking that “breather.”
  29. Phone Hacking Memo to James Murdoch at Center of InquiryColin Myler, now Daily News chief: “Unfortunately it is as bad as we feared.”
  30. scandal-stained wretches
    FBI Ramping Up News Corp. InvestigationRupert Murdoch’s company could still be in trouble domestically.
  31. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Says He Didn’t Really Read That $1 Million E-mailThe News International boss still says he didn’t know how bad the phone hacking was.
  32. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdoch Employees Hacked Government Computers?National security and Charlotte Church are now involved in the News Corp. corruption scandal.
  33. James Murdoch Arrested … or Not, Oops!BSkyB tweets the news, then says it was hacked.
  34. scandal-stained wretches
    Parliament to Shake Finger at James Murdoch for Phone HackingA preview of the report suggests he’ll be found merely “ill-informed.”
  35. James Murdoch Says He Didn’t Know AnythingThe second time was much like the first.
  36. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Goes Back to Parliament: A PrimerHe has a lot more explaining to do.
  37. scandal-stained wretches
    News Corp. Had Phone-Hacking Lawyers Spied OnIt’s not illegal, but it is “Mafia-like.”
  38. scandal-stained wretches
    Journalist Arrested at Another News Corp. NewspaperThe scandal spreads.
  39. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdochs Reportedly Sought Family Counseling Over News Corp. IssuesPhone hacking only made things worse.
  40. scandal-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Pretty Much Saved His Sons in the News Corp. Shareholders’ VoteMinority shareholders came out strong against the family in a vote.
  41. scandal-stained wretches
    Working for the Murdoch Family Is Tough Even When You’re in the Murdoch FamilySpeculation continues about News Corp.’s succession plan.
  42. scandal-stained wretches
    News Corp. Investors Starting to Wonder About This Murdoch GuyShareholder advisers are recommending that investors vote against the family.
  43. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdoch Mouthpiece Quit Over Phone HackingShe declined to comment.
  44. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Has Some More Explaining to Do, Will Face Parliament AgainThe News Corp. exec will face more questions from parliament, as expected.
  45. scandal-stained wretches
    News Corp. Plans Layoffs Amid More Phone-Hacking Testimony [Updated]More than 100 will lose their jobs, but not James or Rupert. Yet.
  46. scandal-stained wretches
    Murdochs to Testify Under Oath in Phone-Hacking ScandalThis time they’ll be asked to tell the truth.
  47. scandal-stained wretches
    James Murdoch Might Have to Take a Time-OutThis is what happens when you work for your dad.
  48. scandal-stained wretches
    New Evidence of Cover-up in Murdoch Hacking ScandalNew documents are “absolutely devastating” to the Murdochs.
  49. scandal-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Says Chase Carey Will Succeed Him [Updated]At least in the “short-term.”
  50. news corp. scandal
    British MP Wants to Question Murdoch AgainJames might have to go in for round two.
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