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  1. ‘So-called Judge’ James Robart Could Again Thwart Trump’s Travel-Ban PlansThree states will ask him to rule that his suspension of the first travel ban applies to the second.
  2. Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Addressing But Not Eliminating Legal QuestionsThe new ban “cures” the more obvious legal problems of the original, but is still vulnerable to the charge that its intent is a “Muslim ban.”
  3. Does Trump Even Want to Win in Court?The longer the legal battle over Trump’s travel order continues, the more it looks like the president is sabotaging it. Is that deliberate?
  4. Ninth Circuit Judges Unanimously Rebuff Trump, Keep Travel Ban on HoldThe ruling more or less took apart the government’s case for rushing the ban into effect.
  5. Appeals Court Hears Arguments on Trump Travel BanIt’s all very preliminary and technical, and just a stage in a longer battle, but Trump may lose another round before the week is out.
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    What’s Next in the Legal Battle Over the Travel Ban?The Trump administration is vowing to do everything in its legal power to reinstate the ban. Here’s how that will play out.
  7. Trump Says Judge and U.S. Court System Deserve Blame ‘If Something Happens’Once again, Trump seems unable to tolerate a key branch of America’s government.
  8. Seattle Judge Smacks Down Trump Travel Ban — For NowA judge is setting up a serious trial of Trump’s immigration policies, and the White House is already vowing to fight back.