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    James Woods’s Bad Statue Tweet Becomes a MemeThink of the statues, please.
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    James Woods Sued for Defaming Bernie Sanders SupporterThe actor wrongly identified a woman giving a Nazi salute as a Sanders supporter.
  3. James Woods’s Legal Crusade Against a Dead Tweeter Continues ApaceHe has successfully convinced a judge to compel the late “Abe List”’s attorney to reveal his true identity.
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    Judge Allows Thin-Skinned James Woods to Continue Lawsuit Over Tweet$10 million for one tweet.
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    Ted Cruz and James Woods Love This Country a LotA reconstruction of a historic meeting of the minds.
  6. Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Really Despises James Woods“James Woods is not a stable person.”
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    Bethenny Frankel and the Hot ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Star Went on a ‘Date’Which means either that dude has a real thing for cougars or it was a publicity stunt. That, and more wheat and chaff in our daily gossip roundup.