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James Zadroga

  1. september 11
    Supporters Still Waiting for Zadroga Act RenewalThe 9/11 Health and Compensation Act begins to expire in October. 
  2. never forget
    So, What Is Jon Stewart, Exactly?Now that he’s helped to get the Zadroga bill passed, trying to define him is even harder.
  3. never forget
    Deal Reached on 9/11 Health-Care Bill [Update: It Passed]Tom Coburn gets some concession in exchange for not killing the bill.
  4. never forget
    Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Wants to Kill the 9/11 Health-Care BillTime is running out, and Coburn is aiming to ensure that it does.
  5. never forget
    A Handful of Republicans Have Finally Been Convinced to Help Sick Ground Zero WorkersWhy was that so hard to begin with?