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  1. bookish types
    Jane Friedman on What She’s Up To: ‘Everything’The ousted HarperCollins CEO opened up a little about her memories of the publishing house, and about what she’s up to (sort of).
  2. intel
    Jane Friedman: ‘I’m Not Done by a Long Shot!’At an unofficial gathering last night to celebrate the former HarperCollins CEO, everyone donned fun Jane masks and did their best not to acknowledge that her exit was totally awkward and abrupt.
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    Jane Friedman Shoved Out Just As She Was Leaving?Let’s just say her best friend left the party and things got awkward — so she started gathering her things to leave, but not quickly enough.
  4. intel
    Jane Friedman’s Departure: Sentimental or Suspicious?The HarperCollins CEO suddenly resigned late last night, leaving more than a few scratching their heads. Do people like her just simply retire?
  5. in other news
    HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman Abruptly DepartsLast night Gawker reported that the well-liked book boss was on the way out.
  6. in other news
    Guess the Anonymous Regan Quote!Today’s Observer story on the Judith Regan lawsuit offers a good peek into the former publishing magnate’s thought process as she tries to take down HarperCollins, Jane Friedman, Rupert Murdoch, and even Rudy Giuliani. The salmon paper reveals that at the start of all of this, the wannabe If I Did It publisher was offered $6.5 million to settle, but she turned it down. They even talk to Judith herself! Her quotes are actually sort of tepid and unrelated to the case, which makes sense, as she’s probably banned by her lawyers from talking about it. But there are a lot of quotes by people who are “familiar” with her thinking and with the lawsuit. So let’s play a game! Which of the below quotes from unnamed “sources” are actually from Regan herself, dementedly speaking in the third person? • “The men don’t want a woman who can outshine them,” one source with knowledge of Ms. Regan’s thinking told the Observer. “They want women who can look up to them and bat their eyelashes. But honestly? She was more interesting than they were. She had a better life. She had more creativity. Men want to be on top.”
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    Anna Wintour Has Great Weekend, Just As Rachel Zoe’s Goes Suspiciously PoorlyCrain’s ranked New York’s top 100 most powerful women yesterday, and there weren’t many surprises. Defying Keith Kelly’s best efforts to ruin Ann Moore’s weekend, the Time Inc. CEO found herself in the “Power 25,” right near the top. Joining her there were usual media suspects, like Hearst’s Cathleen Black, HarperCollins’s Jane Friedman, and the Times’ Janet Robinson. Oh, yeah, and Vogue’s Anna Wintour. You remember her, the one has-been Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe said was less “influential” than herself?