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January 6 Select Committee

  1. stop the steal
    Off the Conspiracy Coast With Patrick ByrneHow the founder of Overstock.com became a principal player in the January 6 hearings.
  2. politics
    Federal Judge Says Trump ‘Likely Committed’ Felony During Coup AttemptThis doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump will be prosecuted. But it could be a landmark ruling if the ex-president ever does face legal consequences.
  3. vision 2024
    Republicans Are Too Afraid of Trump to Fix Election LawsProminent liberals and conservatives favor reform to a statute that helped produce chaos on January 6. But Congress won’t budge.
  4. politics
    Why Republicans Want to Keep Punishing Liz Cheney and Adam KinzingerThe pair are already pariahs, and ignoring Pelosi’s January 6 panel would be easier. But Republicans still want payback, and leverage over McCarthy.
  5. politics
    Pelosi and McCarthy Joust Over GOP Participation in January 6 PanelMcCarthy picked two MAGA hard-liners for the committee. Pelosi vetoed them, so all the GOP nominees quit. And now we have another stalemate.
  6. capitol riot
    Kevin McCarthy Between Rock and a Wild Place on January 6 InquiryThe minority leader opposes GOP cooperation with a select committee that his most out-of-control members want to join. He has no great options.