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January 6

  1. insurrection
    A Fourth Officer Who Responded to the Capitol Riot Has Died by SuicideD.C. Metropolitan Police confirmed Monday that two officers died by suicide in July, becoming the third and fourth officer at the riot to do so.
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    ‘The Internet’ Wanted an Insurrection, So Trump Gave It OneIf you define “the American people” as your own noisy base, then the lies they spew online represent a mandate.
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    ‘This Is How I’m Going to Die’: January 6 Panel Hears Emotional Police TestimonyFour U.S. Capitol and D.C. police officers described the violence and slurs they endured in the Capitol riot during the committee’s first hearing.
  4. the national interest
    Imagine a 9/11 Commission If the Hijackers Had Allies in CongressThe whole premise of an investigation was that both parties opposed the insurrection.
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    Republicans Who Voted to Block Biden’s Election to Investigate Capitol RiotThree lawmakers who objected to certifying the election after the insurrection may now investigate the insurrection.
  6. january 6
    First Insurrectionist Sent to Prison for Capitol Riot, a Taste of What’s to ComePaul Hodgkins’s sentence for breaking into the Senate will likely serve as a benchmark for hundreds of other insurrectionists’ cases.
  7. maga
    Trump’s Kind of Coup Is Indeed a Contested ElectionA straight-on military coup to overturn the 2020 results would have almost been easier to overcome than this poisoning of confidence in elections.
  8. insurrection day
    Insurrectionists in PurgatoryA selection of “very fine people.”
  9. insurrection day
    Merrick Garland vs. Trump’s MobThose who hoped he would prosecute January 6 with gusto have been bitterly disappointed.
  10. insurrection day
    The Making of a MAGA MartyrHow Ashli Babbitt, and those who lived, are being remembered.
  11. insurrection day
    Before, During, After January 6The historical perspective at six months.
  12. insurrection day
    How January 6 Will Be Remembered by Trump’s SupportersThanks to congressional inaction, the riot could very well become a new Lost Cause.
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    Pelosi Announces Select Committee to Investigate Capitol RiotSince Senate Republicans killed an independent commission, Democrats will convene their own panel to investigate the events of January 6.
  14. the national interest
    Trump Believes He Can Regain the Presidency This SummerHe can’t, but the insurrectionist wing of the party isn’t going away.
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    $1.9 Billion Capitol Security Bill Barely Passes in HouseOpposition from a handful of progressive representatives nearly sank a measure intended to boost Capitol security after the January 6 riot.
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    GOP Leaders Move to Blow Up Bipartisan January 6 CommissionA statement purportedly issued by anonymous Capitol Police officers called Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell’s opposition “inconceivable.”
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    Two Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump Over Injuries Sustained in RiotThe officers are each seeking at least $75,000 in damages, arguing that Trump bears responsibility for inciting his followers to riot on January 6.
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    Key Moments from the Senate’s First Hearing on the Capitol RiotSecurity officials who were in charge on January 6 claimed in Senate testimony that they had insufficient intelligence on the potential threat.
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    Multiple Extremist Group Members Arrested: Live UpdatesThe FBI is continuing to round up rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol. Meanwhile, Sunday’s state capitol protests were a non-event.