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  1. international intrigue
    Japanese Women Have to Buy ‘Obligation Chocolate’ for Their BossLess celebrating romance, more fulfilling office duties.
  2. economic indicators
    Robots With Cooking Skills Thrive During Economic DownturnWho needs humanity when machines turn a profit?
  3. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Hosting a Summit to Discuss North KoreaSome people weren’t invited.
  4. earthquakes
    If You Felt the Building Shaking in Tokyo Earlier, That Was Just the EarthquakeJapan’s southern coast was hit with a 6.9 magnitude quake, but everyone seems to be okay.
  5. international intrigue
    Japan Now Ruled by Gentle Metrosexual ‘Herbivores’“One in four engaged men now opts for a pre-wedding spa treatment.”
  6. when technology attacks
    Steve Jobs: Secret Ninja Assassin? [Updated]Japan wouldn’t let Steve Jobs carry ninja throwing stars aboard his private jet.
  7. bons mots
    Tell Us How You Really Feel, Japanese PoliticianSome not-very-flattering things about America.
  8. when technology attacks
    Apple Burns Japanese Music Lovers. Literally.Ouch.
  9. old people
    Japan Has Somehow Misplaced Most of Its Extremely Old PeopleMany people who were supposed to be really old are either missing or died a long time ago.
  10. germany and the things that go on there
    Germany Out-Weirds Everyone Once AgainHells Angels, a puppy, and a stolen bulldozer are involved.
  11. resignations
    Japan’s Prime Minister to ResignDecision comes after dip in approval ratings.
  12. earthquakes
    Japan Receives Tsunami Warning After 7.0 Underwater EarthquakeIt may be up to twenty inches.
  13. international intrigue
    Obama Loses Face at Home and in Japan With Awkward BowObama’s bow to Emperor Akihito is criticized from a variety of fun angles.
  14. secretary of awesome
    The Many Diplomatic Faces of Hillary ClintonHow our secretary of State deftly adapted to every situation as she traveled the world.
  15. the downturnaround
    The Consumer Spirit Continues to EndureAin’t no recession going to keep us from our sausage, or our Louis Vuitton.
  16. media deathwatch
    Media Survives Friday the 13th … So FarToday in media news.
  17. photo op
    ‘Gossip Girl’ Hits Japan, We Hit the BeachWe spot the phenomenon in Tokyo.
  18. intel
    Now THIS Is What We Call ‘Doing the Butt’A new ad for an advanced Japanese toilet system has us confused, and a little backed up.
  19. cultural capital
    Inspiring a Beat Down If you’re in the mood for some scantily clad men beating on things, you’re in luck tonight. Kodo, Japan’s most prominent taiko collective, are doing two shows at Joe’s Pub. So what exactly is taiko? It’s an athletic, high-energy Japanese drumming tradition rooted in Buddhist ritual. Heavy rhythms; colorful costumes; flutes; harps; lean, half-naked men jumping and leaping into enormous drums; yelling; and wild calligraphers splashing the canvas — that all sort of explains it. Performing taiko requires physical strength as well as natural rhythm, as we learned this morning during a doddering attempt at the drums. The members of Kodo live, work out (the artistic director runs ten kilometers a day, he told us), and rehearse together in what we can only imagine is a utopian collective on Sado Island. “There is no one around,” manager Sun Akimoto says. “So we can drum very loudly.” That too. —Jonah Green
  20. gossipmonger
    All They Needs Is Love, and LawyersMore trouble in the Mills-McCartney divorce, this time over child custody. The Post says Nicole Richie was at Paris Hilton’s 26th-birthday party; the Daily News says she wasn’t. (Other alleged attendees: a monkey, a pack of goats, and a band of midgets. Seriously.) Russian prez Vladimir Putin is attending the wedding of Russian billionaire heiress Anna Anisimova’s sister, Angelina. Tom Brady’s camp claims Bridget Moynahan didn’t tell him she was pregnant before going public and may have even gotten pregnant on purpose. Michael Jordan brought a mystery date to Vegas for a celebrity poker tournament. Grey Gardens star Christine Ebersole thinks 9/11 was an inside job.