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  1. japan
    Japan Scraps Its Nuclear Plan“We need to start from scratch.”
  2. japan
    Workers Enter Japan’s Nuclear Reactor BuildingFirst time since the earthquake.
  3. japan
    Japan Makes It Illegal to Enter Evacuation Zone Around Nuclear PlantAt least 60 families were still living in the zone.
  4. japan
    Japan’s Death Toll Rises to Nearly 14,000Another 14,030 people are still missing.
  5. meltdown
    Hillary Clinton Visits Japan As Tokyo Electric Sets Nine-Month Timetable for Crippled PlantThe U.S. has lowered its warning for travel to Japan.
  6. japan
    Japan Upgrades Nuclear Threat at Fukushima Plant to Chernobyl LevelsFrom Level 5 to a Level 7.
  7. japan
    Another Quake Shakes Up JapanThis time, in the city of Iwaki.
  8. japan
    Japan Expands Evacuation Zone As 6.6 Aftershock Hits Near Fukushima Nuclear PlantA month after the tsunami.
  9. tsunami
    7.4-Magnitude 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of JapanWorkers were evacuated from the plagued Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
  10. japan
    More Threats Emerge at Japan’s Nuclear PlantA report finds an array of new problems
  11. japan
    Japan Approves Plan to Dump Radioactive Water in the Sea11,500 tons of water with 100 times the regulatory levels of radioactive iodine.
  12. meltdown
    Japan’s Radioactive Water Leaking Into the Pacific [Updated]From a crack at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
  13. meltdown
    ‘Minuscule’ Levels of Radioactive Iodine Found in American MilkThe cows are eating it.
  14. japan
    Japanese Exec in Charge of Nuclear Plant Has Been Missing for WeeksMasataka Shimizu is nowhere to be found at his Tokyo high-rise or at Tepco headquarters.
  15. tsunamis
    Meet the Man Who Survived Two TsunamisHe’s either got the best luck or the worst luck.
  16. japan
    Radioactive Water at Fukushima Plant Could Soon Leak Into OceanContamination is spreading farther away from the plant.
  17. japan
    Japan Shaken by 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake, Small Tsunami Alert Issued [Updated]There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
  18. meltdown
    Radiation in Japanese Seawater SpikesIodine levels are more than 1,250 times higher than normal in water near a melting nuclear plant.
  19. japan
    Breached Reactor Core at Fukushima Plant, Radiation Outside Evacuation Zone Too High for Infants [Updated]Workers waded into water with 10,000 times the normal level of radiation.
  20. japan
    The Departed: An Exodus of Expats Draws Scorn in JapanIs leaving Japan for safer ground an act of betrayal?
  21. japan
    Mixed Messages Over Radiation in Japan’s Tap WaterOfficials say tap water is once again safe for infants.
  22. japan
    Elevated Radioactive Iodine Found in Tokyo Tap WaterMore than twice the allowable amount for infants.
  23. manifest destiny
    Japan Is Pretty Creeped Out That You’re Trying to Adopt Its Orphans AlreadyEspecially when you make special requests.
  24. japan
    The Japan Disaster Claims Its First American VictimThe teacher died after helping her students to safety.
  25. tsunami
    Good Japanese Quakenameltdown News!An 80-year-old grandmother was saved by rescuers, and yogurt.
  26. japan
    Warren Buffett Makes Lemonade Out of Japanese Earthquake LemonsThe rich-guy glass is half-full.
  27. meltdown
    Radiation Found in Japanese Spinach and MilkMeanwhile, airborne radiation levels around Japan have shown no signs of spiking drastically.
  28. rush holt
    Rush Holt, the Jeopardy! Computer-Defeating Ph.D. Physicist Congressman, on Japan’s Nuclear CrisisWhat the Fukushima meltdown means for America’s energy future.
  29. meltdown
    Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivor Pffts Current Nuclear Disaster“People seem to be much too sensitive.”
  30. meltdown
    California’s Air May Be a Little More Radioactive Than Usual TomorrowBut experts don’t think it’s anything to worry about.
  31. puppies!!!!!!
    Heroic Doggie Won’t Leave Injured Pal in Earthquake DebrisJapanese puppies!
  32. fukushima daiichi
    Japan Uses Helicopters to Cool Overheated ReactorsIt’s a last-ditch effort to avoid a meltdown.
  33. japan
    U.S. Urges Wider Evacuation After Pool for Spent Fuel Rods Boils DryThe U.S. urges Japan to vastly expand its evacuation zone.
  34. gotcha
    How President Obama’s March Madness Bracket Helped JapanIt might sound like a bad idea, but a few minutes of goofing off probably did some good for the Japanese.
  35. sleep well
    The Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America Is About 30 Miles From New York City [Updated: Cuomo Reacts]Indian Point in Westchester is the most likely to be damaged by an earthquake. Great.
  36. japan
    ‘The 50’ Work to Prevent a Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan [Updated]As radiation levels soar, only 50 workers remain at the troubled plant.
  37. revolt like an egyptian
    Bahrain Might Be the Next Place We Have to Worry AboutSaudi troops have moved in, Iran could get involved, and a state of emergency has been declared. Does America even have the capacity to pay attention?
  38. japan
    Radiation Levels Rise, Long-Term Danger Looms After Third Explosion Hits Nuclear Plant in JapanNew worries over spent fuel rods.
  39. japan
    Is Japan Covering Up a Radiation Leak?Signs point to yes.
  40. pentagon
    No More Stupid Cat Videos at the Department of DefenseAnd Japan is to blame.
  41. glenn beck
    Glenn Beck Says Japan’s Earthquake Is a ‘Message’ to Follow the Ten Commandments“I’m not saying God is causing earthquakes — well, I’m not not saying that, either!”
  42. japan
    Melting Fuel Rods in Three Reactors Raise Fear of Nuclear Disaster in JapanCatastrophic problems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
  43. triple crisis
    Second Explosion Reported at Daiichi Reactor; Emergency Declared at Fourth Nuclear Plant [Updated]Updates on the crises in Japan.
  44. triple crisis
    Japan’s Official Death Toll Rises, a ‘Partial Meltdown’ Occurs [Updated]And the stock market is expected to fall.
  45. triple crisis
    Japanese Nuclear Reactor Flooded With Seawater to Avoid MeltdownMeanwhile, three residents among 90 tested at random showed excess exposure to radiation.
  46. tsunami
    Tsunami Death Toll Rises to 900; 6.4 Magnitude Aftershocks ContinueThe U.S. is sending aircraft and helicopters.
  47. tsunami
    Explosion at Damaged Japanese Nuclear Power Plant [Updated]Mounting pressure in the nuclear reactor.
  48. tsunami
    Japan Earned Its Tsunami-Preparedness BadgeAnd how!
  49. tsunami
    All the Craziest Tsunami Videos in Just Two MinutesJapanese geologists are calling this “the big one.”
  50. tsunami
    Biggest-Ever Japanese Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warnings Throughout Pacific [Updated]The country that gave us the word ‘tsunami’ gets hit with a big one.
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