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  1. tremendous content
    Trump Pretends Jared and Ivanka Didn’t Quit, He Fired ThemHe told Bret Baier he’d decided “that’s enough for the family.” But sources say Jared and Ivanka want nothing to do with Trump’s political operation.
  2. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump Declares Neutrality on Father’s IndictmentShe issued a statement that is 27 words long and somehow says absolutely nothing — though her broader message was crystal clear.
  3. stop the presses
    Get Me Risa Heller!If you’re Jeff Zucker or Mario Batali or Jared Kushner and you’re trying to survive a bout of very bad press, she’s the one you call.
  4. tremendous content
    Ivanka and Jared Are Quiet Quitting Donald TrumpIvanka announced she’ll still perform daughter duties but will no longer be hustling to prove herself as Trump’s political adviser.
  5. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump and Kim Kardashian Denounce Kanye West via PR DinnerKim had a public outing with Ivanka (whose family was attacked by Kim’s ex Ye), because releasing a statement would’ve been too easy.
  6. tremendous content
    Jared’s ‘Best-selling’ Book Could Be a Trump Fundraising SchemeJared and Ivanka hawked $75 signed copies of Breaking History to Trump donors soon after Save America PAC made several bulk book purchases.
  7. tremendous content
    Should I Follow Jared’s Plan to ‘Live Forever’ or Trump’s?Jared Kushner is staying fit because we’re the “last generation that’s going to die.” Anti-exercise guru Donald Trump says he’s dead wrong.
  8. tremendous content
    All the Juicy Gossip From Jared Kushner’s BookBreaking History, the forthcoming memoir from the former First Son-in-Law/top Trump adviser, is brimming with dirt, jabs, and score settling.
  9. early and often
    Donald Trump Is a Die-Hard Tom Brady–Ivanka ShipperFor 18 years, he’s been talking about how he could’ve had a Super Bowl–winning son-in-law instead of Jared Kushner.
  10. early and often
    Before January 6, Ivanka Said Trump Should ‘Continue to Fight’A clip from December 2020 contradicts her deposition in which she claims she “accepted” the election results.
  11. early and often
    Trump: Ignore Ivanka, She’d Already ‘Checked Out’ on My LiesIvanka offered a dubious excuse to distance herself from Dad’s bogus claims. After the January 6 hearings, he used the same excuse to discredit her.
  12. early and often
    Don’t Blame Ivanka and Jared, They (Silently) Renounced TrumpIn the most Javanka-y move imaginable, they’re distancing themselves from Trump’s whole election-stealing shtick via an anonymously sourced report.
  13. early and often
    Ivanka and Jared Cast As Stars of January 6 HearingThe January 6 committee wants to hook TV viewers for this week’s hearings. Airing Javanka’s recorded testimony might do the trick.
  14. politics
    Ivanka and Jared Can’t Escape Neighbor DramaThe former First Kids are now living in Surfside, Florida, where catty neighbors are cataloguing their minor infractions.
  15. new york
    Trump Pardon Turns Out to Be Useless for Ex-Observer EditorKen Kurson was arrested on state charges for allegedly cyberstalking his then-wife amid their divorce.
  16. just checking in
    So, What Are Jared and Ivanka Up to These Days?Six months after their White House exit, they’re writing the Great American Political Memoir, facing perjury accusations, and ditching Donald.
  17. the national interest
    A History of the Trump Era Through Stories About ToiletsTrump’s motive was right in front of us all along.
  18. trump pardons
    Everyone Trump Might Pardon Before He Leaves OfficeFrom his three eldest children to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, there are a number of people the president may try to pardon — including himself.
  19. trump family chronicles
    What Will the Trump Kids Do After Daddy Leaves the White House?A first installment of the Trump Family Chronicles, which will follow American’s First Family into exile and possible return.
  20. coronavirus
    The 5 Worst Things Jared Kushner Told Bob Woodward About Trump’s COVID StrategyIn a newly published interview with Bob Woodward, Jared Kushner said in April that Trump wanted to get “the country back from the doctors.”
  21. politics
    Jared Kushner Told the Truth About Republicans and Black PeopleThe president’s son-in-law said what a lot of conservatives really believe.
  22. the national interest
    A White House Aide Just Warned Us That Donald Trump Is a Sociopath“Flat-out disregard for human life.” Sounds dangerous.
  23. vision 2020
    The Chaotic, Desperate, Last-Minute Trump 2020 RebootInside the most disorganized, unscrupulous, self-sabotaging presidential campaign since the last one.
  24. coronavirus
    Trump’s Disregard for Blue States Is at the Heart of His Shoddy COVID ResponseIn April, the White House reportedly abandoned a federal plan for mass COVID testing because the outbreak was occurring mostly in Democratic states.
  25. the national interest
    Trump Blames Losing Campaign on Listening to ‘Woke Jared’Trump decides to ignore his son-in-law and focus on voters who fear he isn’t racist enough.
  26. border wall
    Trump’s Order to Paint Border Wall Black Could Cost $500 Million or More: ReportPursuing the project during the pandemic, new White House estimates for the paint job led by Jared Kushner range from $500 million to $3 billion.
  27. coronavirus
    Stop Letting Jared Run ThingsIt’s no surprise Kushner’s coronavirus response team is as dysfunctional as anything else he’s been in charge of.
  28. coronavirus
    National Stockpile Website Changed to No Longer Contradict KushnerKushner said Thursday that the Strategic National Stockpile is “our stockpile,” and not meant for the states.
  29. the national interest
    Trump Replaced White House Pandemic-Response Team With Jared KushnerLuckily, the president’s son-in-law is also an expert in pandemic response.
  30. the national interest
    Big Business Lobbied Trump Not to Order Coronavirus SuppliesThe mystery of a president suddenly unwilling to use executive authority.
  31. coronavirus
    Public-Health Expert Jared Kushner Is Advising Trump on COVID-19: ReportTrump is reportedly waiting on the research of Jared Kushner, who read “25 books” to prepare for his last task, before declaring a national emergency.
  32. the national interest
    Trump’s Plan to ‘Help’ Black America Is a Corrupt Scam to Enrich His FamilyJared Kushner cashed in on the “opportunity zone” handout for rich people, which Trump calls a favor to black America.
  33. criminal justice
    Trump Forgets That Criminal-Justice Reform Is His New BrandLast week, he was bragging about being forgiving. This week, he’s praising China for executing drug dealers.
  34. middle east
    Kushner Can Solve Israel-Palestine Conflict Because He’s ‘Read 25 Books on It’That’s a lot of reading for the Trump administration, though not quite enough for his 80-page plan to make it past peer review.
  35. middle east
    Kushner: Palestine May ‘Screw Up’ Peace Plan Like Every Deal ‘They’ve Ever Had’“They’re going to screw up another opportunity like they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve ever had in their existence.”
  36. israel
    Trump Invites Israel, Not Palestine, to Discuss Peace PlanThe president appears to think it takes one to tango.
  37. border wall
    Kushner’s Latest Task Is to Build the WallDesperate to keep a campaign promise, Trump has reportedly put his son-in-law in charge of the wall.
  38. border wall
    Jared Kushner Wants a 24/7 Livestream of the Border-Wall Construction: ReportTo boost support of Trump’s base, Kushner reportedly wants to livestream the wall construction rather than speed up the building of the wall itself.
  39. politics
    Trump Sours on Criminal Justice Reform, Jared Kushner: ReportThe first son-in-law’s political instincts are not very sharp.
  40. power
    The Five Millennials (Actually) Changing the WorldAn honest list.
  41. trump tweets
    Jared Kushner Owns Many of Baltimore’s ‘Rat-Infested’ Apartments“That’s kind of weird that you want to talk trash,” said one Baltimore resident. “If you want to make improvements, you can make improvements.”
  42. politics
    Trump Allies Want to Put Jared Kushner’s Peace Plan on Hold: ReportTrump allies reportedly fear that the plan could incite violence or hurt the chances of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement ever getting off the ground.
  43. office of american innovation
    Watch Jared Kushner Butcher His Own Claim That Trump Isn’t RacistKushner also said that Trump brought in “people who never would’ve been in Washington before who were not qualified by conventional standards.”
  44. deutsche bank
    Deutsche Bank Flagged Trump and Kushner for Potential Money Laundering: ReportIn 2016 and 2017, Deutsche investigators recommended that several transactions involving Trump and Jared Kushner be reported to the Treasury.
  45. jared kushner
    Jared Kushner Has Crafted a Lose-Lose Compromise on ImmigrationThe man who was supposed to unite the Israelis and Palestinians behind a peace plan can’t even unite Republicans on immigration.
  46. jared kushner
    Even Republicans Are Tiring of Jared Kushner’s Arrogance and IgnoranceTrump’s son-in-law is reportedly “presenting his political inexperience as an asset” and annoying everyone in Washington.
  47. politics
    Hasan Minhaj Mocks Jared Kushner to His Face Over MBS FriendshipThe comedian called out Kushner for being friends with Mohammed bin Salman and doing nothing to help Saudi women’s-rights activists.
  48. russia investigation
    Kushner: Mueller Probe ‘Way More Harmful’ Than Russia’s Election MeddlingTrump’s son-in-law reduced Russian efforts to buying “a few Facebook ads.”
  49. mueller time
    Everything We Learned About Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in the Mueller ReportThe Mueller report’s most important details on the billionaire couple toying around in politics.
  50. immigration
    Conservatives Are Pushing to Put One of Their Own in Charge of Homeland SecurityHe’s very far to the right on immigration and everything else, but Cuccinelli may have yet to fully earn Trump’s trust.
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