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  1. Scores of White House Staffers Still Lack a Full Security ClearanceJared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and much of the National Security Council still lack permanent access to top secret information.
  2. Report: Dozens of White House Staffers Still Lack Full Security ClearancesRob Porter was far from the only person in this category.
  3. Don Jr.’s Senate Testimony on Trump Tower Meeting Will Be Made PublicThe Senate Judiciary Committee is pulling back the curtain on its investigation into Russian election meddling.
  4. Report: Kushner’s Meetings With Chinese Officials Raised Red FlagsTrump’s son-in-law met alone with China’s ambassador, a radical break from past procedure.
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    What Could Bob Mueller Want From Steve Bannon?Bannon has little left to lose by telling the special counsel everything he knows.
  6. U.S. Officials Warned Kushner About Wendi Murdoch, Says Her Ex’s NewspaperThe Wall Street Journal report also features former British prime minister Tony Blair and a 70-foot-tall Chinese spy tower in D.C.
  7. Jared Kushner Is Turning His Focus to Prison ReformYou know, just in case.
  8. SEC Investigating Kushner Family Business Over EB-5 Visa UseBoth the SEC and federal prosecutors in Brooklyn are now looking into the company’s use of the controversial visa program.
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    Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win — and Neither Did His CampaignOne year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.
  10. Mueller Probing Whether Trump Team Aided a Russian Disinformation CampaignDid the Trump digital operation help Russian trolls target their ads on Facebook? The special counsel wants to find out.
  11. Is Trump Prepared for What Happens If His Jerusalem Gambit Backfires?It would be foolish not to expect chaos over such a sensitive diplomatic issue.
  12. Why Is Trump Intent on Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?The administration’s coy threat to violate a longstanding diplomatic norm carries huge risks and is helpful to nobody.
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    Flynn Will Roll Over on Kushner, Pence, and Trump Himself If He Has ToFlynn has signaled that he won’t take a bullet for those who haven’t done a thing for him or the country.
  14. Report: Kushner Told Flynn to Sabotage U.S. Policy With Russia’s HelpFor Israel’s sake.
  15. Kushner’s White House Role Was Significantly Reduced — But Not Fast EnoughNow Kushner is focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but Mueller’s team still has questions about his previous contacts with foreign officials.
  16. ‘Russian Backdoor Overture’ to Kushner Involved Close Putin AllyJust another Russian contact the president’s son-in-law conveniently forgot about.
  17. Senators: Jared Kushner Failed to Hand Over Emails About WikiLeaks and RussiaPresident Trump’s do-it-all son-in-law has an ongoing paperwork problem.
  18. Democrat: Kushner ‘Enriched Himself’ by Lying on DisclosureCalifornia’s Ted Lieu says Jared Kushner made millions by hiding his stake in a start-up.
  19. Can Jared Kushner Save Criminal-Justice Reform From Jeff Sessions?Bipartisan criminal-justice reform failed last year, in part because of the Trump campaign and Jeff Sessions. But now Jared Kushner is onboard.
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    Kushner Lawyer to Prankster: Jared Didn’t Tell Senate About Private EmailThanks to auto-fill, Kushner’s lawyer accidentally forwarded the Senate’s angry letter to an impostor.
  21. Report: Kushner Used Private Email Address for Government BusinessNothing matters.
  22. Kushner Keeps Winning Interpersonal Feuds, But Not Policy FightsHis latest victory: Trump apparently sided with Kushner when his own lawyers argued that his son-in-law should resign.
  23. The U.A.E.’s Ambassador to the U.S. Is a Very Powerful ‘Filthbag’He’s also good friends with Jared Kushner.
  24. Breitbart News Will Try to Force Trump to Be Trump, Whether He Likes It or NotYou can expect Breitbart News to intensify its efforts to get Trump to stay “populist”, even if it mean repudiating key family members and advisers.
  25. charlottesville
    Rabbi That Oversaw Ivanka Trump’s Conversion to Judaism Slams Trump“While we avoid politics, we are deeply troubled by the moral equivalency and equivocation President Trump has offered.”
  26. russia probe
    Trump Dictated Son’s Misleading Statement on His Russia Meeting: ReportSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller has already signaled that he’s looking into the Trump team’s disclosures about the meeting.
  27. John Kelly Begins Impossible Task of Bringing Order to the White HouseThe military man will try to implement order with the help of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.
  28. Jared Kushner Explains It AllIn testimony to the Senate, Kushner gives an innocent explanation for every undisclosed interaction he had with the Russians.
  29. Jared Kushner’s Name Still Being Used to Lure Chinese InvestorsHis family apologized for dropping his name several months ago.
  30. Jared Kushner Keeps Making the Russia Scandal So Much WorseHis instincts on how to handle the controversy have consistently created more problems for the Trumps, and his fellow White House staffers.
  31. Trump’s Lawyers Want to Put a Wall Between The President and Kushner on RussiaThe president’s lawyers don’t want him taking advice about the Russia investigation from a son-in-law who’s already deeply ensnared by it.
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    Election Law Expert Robert Bauer on What Don Jr.’s Emails Mean for the PresidentA Q&A with the former White House counsel on what crimes may have been committed, how it affects the Russia probe, and the implications for Trump.
  33. The Least the GOP Can Do Now Is Demand Jared Kushner’s ResignationKushner attended a meeting that was explicitly framed as an opportunity to benefit from Russian meddling. And he still has a security clearance.
  34. Russian Lawyer: Donald Trump Jr. Wanted Dirt on DNC ‘So Badly’The Kremlin-linked lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. claims that he was desperate for dirt on Clinton — but she had none to give.
  35. Kushner Sought $500 Million Bailout From Top Qatari Investor: ReportAfter that deal fell through, the president’s son-in-law pushed for the U.S. to support the Saudis’ blockade of Qatar.
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    Steve Bannon Is Out of Trump’s Doghouse and Leading the Charge Against MuellerWhy does the president double-down every time it seems like he should retreat? Because Bannon is still his chief tactician.
  37. russia investigation
    Trump Campaign’s Inner Circle Met With Kremlin-Linked LawyerDonald Trump Jr. arranged the previously undisclosed June 2016 meeting, which President Trump’s lawyers are now suggesting was a setup.
  38. Secretary of State Gives Up on Diplomacy, Berates White HouseTillerson is tired of the White House blocking his hires and letting the president’s son-in-law usurp his authority. And he’s done holding his tongue.
  39. foreign policy
    Jared Kushner’s Road Map to NowherePutting his inexperienced son-in-law in charge of Mideast policy was a shocking act of nepotism by Trump. We’re starting to see the consequences.
  40. Jared Kushner Is Looking for a Trial LawyerAs the special counsel looks into Kushner’s finances, the White House adviser is searching to add a courtroom litigator to his legal team.
  41. Robert Mueller Is Reportedly Probing Jared Kushner’s Business DealingsThe investigation into the president’s son-in-law expands.
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    The Trump Administration Is Trying Another Pointless Tech SummitSmart tech-boy Jared Kushner will try to modernize the government.
  43. White House Communications Director ResignsMike Dubke is stepping down, as President Trump prepares to handle more of the administration’s messaging himself.
  44. Russians Think Trump Might Be a Russian Asset, and They Might Be RightIf you’re not paranoid about Trump and Putin now, you’re not paying attention.
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    Jared Kushner Gets His Own Daily Intelligence Briefing: ReportPerhaps, unlike the president, he doesn’t care for “killer graphics” in his intel reports.
  46. ‘Shadow Secretary of State’ Jared Kushner Is in Hot WaterAfter an overseas trip in which he played a role well beyond his job description, he’s returning home to a much dicier situation.
  47. russia investigation
    Jared Kushner Wanted to Talk to the Russians in SecretThe smoke around the Trump administration is thicker than ever.
  48. family matters
    The ‘White House Official’ Under FBI Scrutiny Is, in Fact, Jared KushnerAs suggested last week, sources say he’s the new person of interest in the Russia probe.
  49. the national interest
    Trump’s Russia Scandal Is Becoming a Corruption ScandalMaking sense of the flurry of developments from the last week.
  50. Is Jared Kushner In Too Deep?Trump’s “moderate” son-in-law urged him to fire Comey and then attack the decision to appoint a special prosecutor. Is he stupid or scared?
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