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    Jared Paul Stern’s Dirty Laundry Not Limited to Skull & Bones OverstockThe disgraced ‘Page Six’ writer is caught up in another scandal — but this time, he had nothing to do with sparking it. There’s a warrant out for his wife, who may have cheated on him with a man she may have later tried to defraud.
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    Judge to Jared Paul Stern: ‘Also? You’re Kind of a Bad Writer.’A State Supreme Court justice dismisses the former “Page Six” scribe’s suit and offers trenchant writing critique.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    ‘Law & Order’ to Make Jared Paul Stern a Blood-Stained WretchThe former “Page Six”–er will get deep sixed on Dick Wolf’s hit show.
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    Alex P. Keaton May Have Made a Sex TapeWeird wiretapper Anthony Pellicano says he knows what Michael J. Fox did back in 1990. Plus, Ashlee Simpson pregnancy rumors persist, Adrian Grenier gets a girlfriend, and more in our daily squeeze of the juice from New York gossip columns.
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    Jared Paul Stern Still ExistsEvery once in a while, when we see someone wearing clothes that have a skull-and-crossbones symbol on them (okay, so every day), we wonder whatever happened to Jared Paul Stern. He was the “Page Six” reporter who allegedly tried to extort Ron Burkle, and then got busted when Burkle turned tapes of their meetings over to authorities. JPS, who created the clothing line Skull and Bones (only to be outdone by everyone from Mark Ecko to Ralph Lauren), was fired from “Page Six,” and then wrote a book about the experience. Sadly, the book was never picked up, and we haven’t heard from him since. But today, WWD lets us know what he’s been up to. Since November, he’s been blogging for Kempt, a men’s fashion Website. He covers liquor, luxury, and famous dudes. Kind of like what he did at “Page Six,” except with even more freedom to glorify men and objectify women. Stern says that the lawsuit he filed against Burkle, which also included the Daily News and Bill and Hillary Clinton, is still pending. “It’s on autopilot,” he told WWD. “These things take a while to go through the courts system.” We can only assume the suit is hopelessly outdated. Silly Jared, don’t you know Burkle and the Clintons broke up? Stern Surfaces [WWD] Related: Jared Paul Stern’s Lawyer Loves Suing the Clintons Clinton to Burkle: It’s Not You, It’s Me
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    ‘Post’ Readers Not Expected to Be Too Into ReadingEver since the departure of Jared Paul Stern (the disgraced-then-undisgraced “Page Six” writer who also handled book reviews), the Post has been running light on literary coverage. Now, we hear, the tabloid has given in completely, and editors have decided to stop running book reviews. Their last, according to their Website, was printed in late July. This, of course, will cut off an easy source of income for a lot of New York’s freelance writers and drinkers. But more importantly, it shows evidence of a fact we’ve questioned in the past: The Post does know its readership after all.
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    Jared Paul Stern’s Lawyer Loves Suing the Clintons For conservative legal gadfly Larry Klayman, suing Bill and Hillary Clinton has been almost a life’s work — some would say a consuming passion. So it’s no surprise that Klayman is doing it again, this time on behalf of Jared Paul Stern, the fired New York Post freelancer at the center of last year’s “Page Six” scandal. The former president and the current presidential candidate, along with their playboy-billionaire pal, Ron Burkle, the New York Daily News, and Daily News reporter William Sherman are defendants in Stern’s just-filed lawsuit. He alleges that they conspired to slander him, deprive him of a job, and inflict emotional distress by accusing Stern of trying to extort money from Burkle in return for more respectful coverage in the Post’s “Page Six” column. The suit claims that Stern remains unemployed and suffers from depression, back pains, dizziness, hypertension, and other maladies months after a federal investigation of him fizzled. “Jared contacted me a couple of months ago and asked that I represent him,” Klayman said after the suit was filed Thursday in New York Supreme Court. “I took the case because I sympathized with Jared’s situation. I’ve always been for the underdog.”
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    Rupert Knows Whether Judith Regan’s Kids Are Actually Honor StudentsLawyers for HarperCollins are in possession of Judith Regan’s financial statements, will, divorce papers, photographs of her children, unopened Christmas gifts, and a 20-by-30-foot painting of her, among other things. Because she left them all at that office. Ralph Ellison didn’t like Norman Mailer and his beat pals because they reduced the world to sex. As Harvey Weinstein was buying the rights to her movie, Mandy Moore was making out with D.J. AM. Hugo Chavez tried to meet Gisele when they were both in Rio, but she shot him down. Owen Wilson hung out with Kate Hudson in Australia.
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    ‘NYO’: Jared Paul Stern Is Still Not Being Charged A teaser yesterday afternoon on the Observer’s Daily Transom blog about its feature today on heretofore disgraced former “Page Six”-er Jared Paul Stern delivered the newsbreak that the U.S. Attorney’s Office had announced Stern would not be charged in the long-lingering Ron Burkle alleged-extortion case. More details were promised in today’s paper. So now we’ve read today’s paper; what more did we learn? Very little. Stern continues to have been informed that he won’t be charged. Burkle’s spokesman issued an inconsequential statement. The U.S. Attorney’s Office wouldn’t comment. Stern continues, as he has for months, to protest his innocence and speak darkly of lawsuits. There is, however, one upside to this glaring lack of anything new: We were at least spared the Ray Donovan quote. Ex-Post Keyholer Cleared on Extortion Rap [NYO] Earlier: Jared Paul Stern Now Officially Less Scummy Than We Thought
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    Jared Paul Stern Now Officially Less Scummy Than We ThoughtWell, call us a little dumbstruck. The Observer’s Daily Transom is reporting this afternoon that former “Page Six” reporter Jared Paul Stern, who we were under the distinct impression had been caught on videotape last April demanding money from supermarket mogul Ron Burkle in exchange for favorable coverage from the New York Post gossip column, has been notified by the U.S. Attorney’s Office that he will not be charged with a crime. The Observer promises more coverage in tomorrow’s edition of the weekly paper. And so we wait, eagerly. Jared Paul Stern to Not Be Charged [Daily Transom/NYO]
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    Jared Paul Stern Sells Book. But Why? Jared Paul Stern — the disgraced “Page Six”-er captured on videotape allegedly demanding money to stop negative coverage — finally sold his long-promised memoir yesterday, a gossip-world tell-all that Gawker assures us fetched someplace in the six figures. Times books reporter Julie Bosman today follows up by raising the question of why anyone would choose to spend, well, anything on it. Let’s take a look at unit sales for previous, similar works, as reported in the Times: • Burning Down My Masters’ House, by Jayson Blair, Times fabulist and plagiarist: 4,000 copies • The Fabulist, by Stephen Glass, New Republic plagiarist: 4,000 copies • It!: 9 Secrets of the Rich and Famous That’ll Take You to the Top, by Paula Froelich, “Page Six” reporter: 9,000 copies • Welcome to Yesterday, by Ian Spiegelman, fired “Page Six” reporter: 1,000 copies • 4% Famous, by Deborah Schoeneman, former New York gossip reporter: 4,000 copies Now let’s do a little math, shall we?