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  1. election coup
    Did Trump Really Claim Victory on Election Night on a Whim?The idea of declaring victory based only on the in-person vote was telegraphed for months. Now, Trump insiders claim it was somehow impulsive.
  2. politics
    Trump Not Desperate Enough to Join Aide’s Social Media NetworkEx-aide Jason Miller left Trump’s team to start a Twitter knockoff in the hope Trump would follow. His former boss reportedly isn’t interested.
  3. Former Staffer Jason Miller Is CNN’s Newest Trump-Loving Talking HeadDuring the campaign, Miller called CNN “dishonest” while appearing on CNN.
  4. Jason Miller, Former Trump Insider, Hired by Former Clinton InsiderMiller will join Doug Band’s Teneo Strategy to act as a liaison to the Trump White House.
  5. Former RNC Spokesperson Sean Spicer Named Trump’s Press SecretaryJason Miller and Hope Hicks will joining him on the White House communications team.