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Jay Carney

  1. career moves
    For Ex-Obama Officials, the Revolving Door Swings Open to Silicon ValleyFormer Obama spokesman Jay Carney joins the list of former staff heading to technology firms.
  2. early and awkward
    John McCain Shouts at Jay Carney During His CNN DebutApparently CNN hazes new hires.
  3. cable news news
    Former White House Press Secretary Does About What You’d Expect Jay Carney is going to work for CNN. 
  4. important offspring
    Will Jay Carney’s Next Gig Be Managing His Son’s Boy Band?Almost definitely not. But his son is a member, so you might see him at a show.
  5. comings and goings
    Obama Mouthpiece Jay Carney Is Getting Out of That Stuffy Briefing RoomThe second big personnel change at the White House today.
  6. chances of a lifetime
    White House Spokesman Briefly Becomes Guided by Voices SpokesmanJay Carney introduced the band in D.C. on Saturday night.
  7. corporate shills
    The White House Isn’t Happy With David OrtizShame on you, Big Papi.
  8. Daily Caller Sending High-Schoolers to Troll the White House NowAn intern asked a dumb question to Press Secretary Jay Carney. 
  9. irs scandal
    Darrell Issa Hopes to Have Proof of IRS Conspiracy Theory SoonFor now, he’s just calling Jay Carney a “paid liar.”
  10. early and awkward
    Watch Jay Carney Dodge QuestionsIt was a rough day for Jay Carney. 
  11. trillion-dollar coins
    Why the White House Refuses to Rule Out the Trillion-Dollar CoinIgnoring the issue while leaving the door slightly ajar is the only way for the White House to go about it.
  12. equal rites
    Obama Gay Marriage Evolution Watch: Day 468Status: Still evolving.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    White House Was Displeased With Mark Halperin, But Also Forgiving“He’s a decent person and a good journalist.”
  14. osama bin killed
    Operation Geronimo, Part 2: Targeting the MediaA case study in obsessive, mostly expert presidential messaging.
  15. osama bin killed
    White House Still Mulling Over That Photo [Updated]The world waits for this gross photo we’ve all been hearing about.
  16. white house the new class
    Jay Carney to Be Appointed Next White House Press SecretaryThis must be an interesting day for Claire Shipman, his wife.
  17. do the shuffle
    Obama Locking Down Staff Changes For Next YearAxelrod: “This is a bubble.”
  18. joetorious
    ‘Let Me Get This Straight: You Want to Interview the Vice President About Stories About Him in The Onion?’Joe Biden’s spokesman is not amused by ‘The Onion’ or the ‘Times.’