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  1. cable news news
    Jay Leno and CNN Are Reportedly FlirtingJeff Zucker has a big idea.
  2. 43
    George W. Bush Tackles Portraits of Other Humans, Starting With Jay LenoHis Pet Period is over.
  3. Frank Rich: Obamacare Mess Threatens LiberalismReaganism would make a comeback.
  4. late night comedy
    Obama Tells Leno, ‘We Don’t Have a Domestic Spying Program’Another hilarious late-night chat with the president.
  5. eye of newt
    GOP’s All-White, All-Male House Leadership Bothers Newt Gingrich TooHe’s been having so many epiphanies lately!
  6. last laughs
    Watch Our Roundup of the Best Political Jokes of the 2012 ElectionFew things create more material than an eighteen-month election cycle.
  7. the tonight show with jay leno
    Obama Weighs In on Mourdock, Says ‘Rape Is Rape’ on Leno“This is exactly why you don’t want politicians, mostly male, making decisions about women’s health care.”
  8. ann romney
    Ann Romney Regales Leno With Tales of Campaign Woes, Mitt’s ThriftinessA leader who will make us switch off all the lights when we go out.
  9. what just happened
    Newt Gingrich and Snooki Become BFFs on the Tonight ShowLook out for Gingrich on ‘Snooki and JWOWW’.
  10. Jay Leno Grills Rick Santorum on the Tonight Show“To me the Republicans used to be about strong defense and strong fiscal policy,” Leno said.
  11. the national interest
    Leno Makes Romney Confess Plan to Screw the SickHe’s like Mike Wallace, that Leno.
  12. game change
    John McCain Prejudges Game ChangeHe’s not going to watch it because it’s unfair, he’s decided. 
  13. Rick Perry Talks to Leno About His Brain Farts“Every now and then I call my dog by the wrong name.” 
  14. barack obama
    Video: Barack Obama and Jay Leno Talk Reality TVThe premise of the president’s anti-Kardashian stance is pretty shaky.
  15. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann Rattled by Tough Interview With Jay LenoPoor thing.
  16. leaders of tomorrow
    Roseanne Barr Says She’s Running for President“I’m totally serious.”
  17. early and often
    Mitt Romney Spends Leno Appearance Pretending He Hasn’t Decided About 2012Romney tries to get in on some of this sweet “will he or won’t he” press.
  18. the new new adventures of old christine
    Christine O’Donnell Likes David SpadeAnd other crucial information revealed on her visit to the Tonight Show
  19. so joetorious
    Biden: Keep the Sexy Spy, Trade Rush LimbaughHe’s joking! Guys, c’mon.
  20. the most important people in the world
    Conan O’Brien Has a SecretJay Leno has something else he doesn’t have.
  21. yuks
    Obama Makes ’Em Laugh at White House Correspondents’ DinnerJay Leno does not.
  22. famous people
    Who’s Going to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?Pretty much everyone.
  23. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Hopes for a Palin-Leno ‘Bare-Knuckle Brawl’’Daily Show’ host had previously held back on the blatant anti-Leno sentiments.
  24. gossipmonger
    Other Jackson Cousin Attempts to ‘Zap’ BlanketThis kid is having a bad year.
  25. sarah palin
    Palin Attempts Stand-up Comedy on Tonight ShowNow THIS would have been a good time for some Sharpie notes on the palm.
  26. gossipmonger
    Madonna Wants to Have Jesus’s ChildAnd more perverse celebrity antics, in today’s gossip roundup.
  27. gossipmonger
    Everybody Scored at the Golden GlobesExcept Jeff Zucker, who wisely stayed home in New York.
  28. the first and most important family
    Leno to Spend Friday Night with Michelle ObamaIt’s a date!
  29. gossipmonger
    Anna Wintour Is Going to QueensPlus, she has not been practicing for ‘Letterman.’ Seriously.
  30. gossipmonger
    Gerard Butler Takes Off From Planet KellyThe ‘300’ star burns the ‘Real Housewife’ in favor of Rose Byrne.
  31. the great debate
    Who Is the New Most-Trusted Person in America?With Walter Cronkite gone, the mantle of Most Trusted Person in America is up for grabs. Here’s out list of the top ten contenders.
  32. hot gop-on-gop action
    John McCain’s Mom Smacks Down That Punk Kid Rush Limbaugh“You’re complimenting him when you say the man is an entertainer. I don’t know what he is! But he does not belong to the Republican Party that I belong to.”
  33. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  34. media deathwatch
    McClatchy Takes Another HitThe latest in media metamorphoses.
  35. mavericks
    Has John McCain Purged Sarah Palin From His Memory?Or does he just despise her?
  36. gossipmonger
    Hugh Jackman Has Been to ‘Too Many Skinny-dipping Parties’Who knew that was a thing?
  37. early and awkward
    Team Obama Doesn’t Quite Grasp the Mood of the MomentHow they nearly blew the theatrics of last night’s ‘Leno’ appearance.
  38. early and often
    Obama on Leno: A Little Funny, a Little OffensiveWe didn’t expect the president to get so many laughs last night. Nor did we expect him to make a Special Olympics joke.
  39. gossipmonger
    Kate Winslet’s Captivating Cleavage Takes Another VictimIt’s like the Bermuda Triangle of boobs — people just get lost in there. Plus, how Kim Kardashian maintains her butt and Mayor Bloomberg stays rich, in the gossip roundup.
  40. Losing Candidate Ready to Let the Funny OutJohn McCain trots out an oldie-but-goodie on the ‘Tonight Show.’
  41. gossipmonger
    Olivia Palermo to Make Room in Grueling Schedule for Socialite Reality ShowThe socialite will finally have a reason for being famous. Plus, the end of Hef and Holly, and Michael Lohan continues to be bonkers, in our daily gossip roundup.
  42. gossipmonger
    Howard Stern Is Totally Into Wedding PlanningPlus, dish on Barack Obama, Kate Moss, and Mel Gibson in our daily gossip roundup.
  43. cultural capital
    NBC Finally Confirms Jimmy Fallon Taking Over ‘Late Night’But can Jimmy bring the funny the way Conan did? And what will happen to the masturbating bear??!!
  44. in other news
    Late-Night Hosts Take the Spitzer Ball and, Um, Dribble With It If any good could come from the Eliot Spitzer scandal, it’s that the late-night shows have some of their best source material since Bill Clinton requested the definition of the word “is.” So with that in mind, we fired up our DVR for the most promising night of comedy in years. And boy, were we disappointed. Letterman, predictably, was funny enough, opening his monologue by asking whether it was too soon to hit on Mrs. Eliot Spitzer, then telling a handful of jokes (“Did you happen to see the press conference? Very dramatic. Eliot Spitzer was there with yellow crime-scene tape around his pants”). The Times has a complete rundown of every joke, if you’re interested. Seated back at his desk, Letterman read off a Top Ten List of Eliot Spitzer excuses (No. 8: Just trying to help the economy!).
  45. company town
    The ‘Times’ Touches Upon Checkbook Journalism — With Two Fingers, Of CourseMEDIA • “OK!, the celebrity magazine, could not possibly have purchased all the attention it enjoyed in late December after it got the scoop that Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger and until then less sensational sister of the troubled pop queen Britney Spears, was three months pregnant. Or could it?” [NYT] • Josh Stein isn’t actually leaving Gawker; Emily Gould will write for Jezebel; Choire Sicha will continue contributing columns; and recently departed Wonkette editor Ken Layne returned after just a few months off the job. Can anyone escape the tentacles of Nick Denton? [HuffPo] • The Writers Guild plans to picket Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’Brien as the three late-night hosts return to the air. Letterman gets off easy since he struck a deal with the writers and may get a big boost since big stars (like Robin Williams, natch) won’t have to cross the pickets to go on his show. [NYO, NYT]
  46. company town
    Let the Bear Blame Game BeginFINANCE • Bear Stearns followed up yesterday’s Morgan Stanley announcement with its own $850 million loss, again the first quarterly deficit in the bank’s history. [DealBook/NYT] • Is former Bear Stearns exec Ralph Cioffi, the guy behind the two Bear funds that imploded this summer, the main culprit in the subprime crisis? New reporting suggests his team set off the plague of dirty debt that cost Citi and other top banks billions. Oh, and Cioffi’s under investigation for pulling out a couple mil before anyone else got the chance. [Business Week] • What a mensch: David Rubenstein, the former lawyer turned Citadel private-equity master, decided to keep his new copy of the Magna Carta on display at the National Archives. Rubenstein paid $21.3 million — chump change for a guy worth around $2.5 billion. [Law Blog/WSJ]
  47. company town
    Some Lawyers Are SadLAW • Know a troubled lawyer? If you work in the law, you probably do — some estimates put the ratio of depressed attorneys at 20 percent — and a few new Websites are trying help them out. [Law Blog/WSJ, WSJ] • How not to get out of your marijuana arrest: When the judge lets you off easy, pull out a driver’s license covered in pot. [New York Law Journal] • So just how lame was Cadwalader’s Wild Wild West holiday party last night? Wildly. [Above the Law]
  48. company town
    Jon Stewart Suddenly Not Looking Like the Nice GuyMEDIA • Is Jon Stewart really the only late-night host not currently covering the salaries of his laid-off, non-striking employees? [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • The key lines from the n+1 essay that helped convinced Choire Sicha and Emily Gould to quit: “The purpose of Gawker Media was always to improve on the print publishing business model. It was never, as the content of Gawker sometimes seemed to suggest, to produce critiques of the waste that model created. The content at Gawker, like most Condé Nast titles, is a service to the advertisers. … You could say that as Gawker Media grew, from Gawker’s success, Gawker outlived the conditions for its existence.” Joshua David Stein announced his own departure, due mostly to personal loyalty, on Saturday. [n+1, Media Mob/NYO] • Meanwhile, Portfolio’s Jeff Bercovici proves that Condé and Gawker really are at the same level: “By the way, those who feel wronged by Gawker over the years can take some satisfaction in the uniquely terrible timing of the walkout for Denton, who is pumped full of painkillers after a recent back injury. Last week, the pain became so intense he needed an ambulance to get to the hospital. As he was being loaded into the ambulance, he says, his greatest fear was that he would be spotted by someone from Gawker, which is headquartered just down the block from his home.” [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
  49. gossipmonger
    Halle Is Berry SorryHalle Berry apologized for making an anti-Semitic joke as a guest on the Leno show. (NBC deleted it from the telecast.) Governor Spitzer hung out with his Horace Mann classmates at his 30th reunion. Renée Zellweger chooses to live in New York and Connecticut instead of L.A. because she hates the paparazzi out there. (She and George Clooney also send each other six-page politically charged e-mails.) Jennifer Lopez is refusing to pay a New York limo company $16,000 in fees she owes. The Devil Wears Prada producer Wendy Finerman bought a twelve-room duplex on 84th Street with her banker husband. Jay-Z says he’s not so good at retiring and blames the media for the breakup of most celebrity couples. Meryl Streep walked her puppy on the West Side Highway in sweats and a hat. Soap star Nathaniel Marston of One Life to Live was arrested for assaulting three people on Tenth Avenue in what was evidently a drug-fueled rage.
  50. in other news
    Jay Leno Thinking of Jumping Ship to Fox?Over the summer, Variety reported on the ways in which NBC was going to try to keep Jay Leno after his contract ran out in 2009, which sparked talk that he might actually stay at the Tonight Show for longer. NBC would do anything to keep him away from a rival channel, including alienating his anointed successor, Conan O’Brien. But today Cindy Adams hints that NBC’s worst nightmares may come true. “Jay Leno is not about to retire. Going quietly into the night to sit home and watch his missus Mavis fold bananas into the Jell-O, he ain’t,” she writes. “He is definitely — definitely — moving to another network. Friends think he’s making a big money deal. But, he says, he’s not one to follow the money. He’s one to follow the access. The best TV airtime. The best spot. The morning line, 2-to-1, is Fox.” If you sift through the verbal effluvium (bananas? Missus? Ain’t?), you’ll see Adams is trying to tell us that Leno’s going to join the dark forces of Rupert. Which would be a step down in stature for him but might be a step up in eye candy. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. He can finally join his long-lost twin, the American Dad! Leno Eyes Other TV Opportunities [NYP]
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