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Jay Sekulow

  1. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Five of the Trump Impeachment TrialTeam Trump took just two hours to preview their case, which mostly revolves around the claim that House Democrats have no real evidence.
  2. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Four of the Trump Impeachment TrialHouse impeachment managers wrapped up by arguing that Trump’s obstruction of Congress was egregious and ongoing. Next up: the White House’s defense.
  3. the national interest
    Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Literally Does Not Understand Words and How They WorkTrump may have hired America’s dumbest lawyer.
  4. Report: Trump’s Personal Lawyers Don’t Have Security ClearanceThat could be a problem if Trump ever sits down for an interview with Robert Mueller.
  5. Giuliani Joins Trump’s Legal Team, Predicts Quick Settlement With MuellerHizzoner’s accession to his friend’s legal team probably won’t change anything other than getting the spotlight off Michael Cohen.
  6. Trump Won’t Pardon Himself, Scaramucci and the President’s Attorney SayThey claim the president has nothing to hide.
  7. russia investigation
    Trump’s Lawyer Falsely Suggests Secret Service to Blame for Don Jr.’s MeetingThe agency wasn’t even protecting the president’s son at the time.
  8. Trump’s Lawyers Want to Put a Wall Between The President and Kushner on RussiaThe president’s lawyers don’t want him taking advice about the Russia investigation from a son-in-law who’s already deeply ensnared by it.
  9. russia investigation
    Trump’s Lawyer, Contradicting Trump, Says President Is Not Under InvestigationTrump attorney Jay Sekulow had a rough morning on Sunday’s political shows.