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  1. tremendous content
    Trump Accuses George H.W. Bush of Hiding Papers in a Bowling AlleyHis latest defense for why he had classified documents at Mar-a-Lago: All the other presidents were doing it.
  2. politics
    Will the Bush Dynasty End Tonight?George P. got into the race against the Texas attorney general with everything going for him — except Trump’s endorsement.
  3. dynasties
    George P. Bush Drifts Right, Continuing a Family TraditionThe Texas land commissioner’s toadying to Trump isn’t a betrayal; it’s what Bushes have always done to survive.
  4. republicans
    Trump and Rubio, Best of FrenemiesRubio seems as tormented as ever by the man who rolled over him five years ago.
  5. republican party
    Conservative George W. Bush Is Now Too Liberal for His PartyGeorge W. and Jeb Bush once defined not just Republicanism, but movement conservatism. Both have changed decisively after Trump.
  6. coronavirus
    Remember the Party of Terri Schiavo?A GOP that once fought to keep a brain-dead woman alive now includes those who would accept mass death of the elderly to Keep America Great.
  7. vision 2020
    Debate Infighting Won’t Kill Democrats’ Chances in NovemberUntil Democrats argue about their genitals, there’s a long way down to the behavior Republicans modeled before winning everything in 2016.
  8. vision 2020
    Andrew Yang Says the Media Is Ignoring Him. Does He Have a Point?Maybe Yang and others are getting less media coverage than their poll rankings would indicate. But they don’t have plausible paths to the nomination.
  9. vision 2020
    Iowa State Fair Is for Fried Food and Politics23 presidential candidates are set to speak at the fair, which kicks off today, all trying to avoid gaffes and the consumption of perilous fair food.
  10. past is prologue
    Four Years Ago Today, the Trump Circus Came to Town — and Never LeftDonald Trump’s first Republican-debate appearance set the low standard he has maintained ever since.
  11. vision 2020
    Biden’s Shock-and-Awe Strategy for 2020 Race Smells Like Jeb’s in 2016Jeb Bush offers an eternal cautionary tale for early front-runners with ideological baggage.
  12. vision 2020
    Watch Amy Klobuchar’s ‘Please Clap’ MomentDrawing Jeb Bush comparisons isn’t the greatest move for a Democratic candidate who’s currently polling at 2 percent.
  13. vision 2020
    The 10 Worst Presidential-Nomination CampaignsThere have been plenty of woofers — and warnings — for the 2020 presidential field.
  14. 2020 elections
    Beto O’Rourke the Latest Potential Presidential DrafteeO’Rourke isn’t a war hero or a national leader like most earlier candidates being courted for a presidential run. But it helps him stay in the news.
  15. 2020 elections
    Note to Michael Bloomberg: Money Can’t Buy You LoveNot even Bloomberg has enough money to make him a viable Democratic presidential candidate.
  16. 2020 elections
    Did Trump’s Win Mean Anybody Can Be President?The huge Democratic 2020 field that’s taking shape is an alarming sign that all standards of presidential viability have been eliminated.
  17. george h.w. bush
    The Bush Family’s Struggle to Keep Up With the Conservative MovementGeorge H.W. Bush and his sons George W. and Jeb tried to stay in step with the ever-rightward drift of the conservative movement. They failed.
  18. dynasties
    Beware the Bush Family Image-Rehab MachineLiberals developed a sweet spot for two presidents they once viewed as villains. Why?
  19. Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter Team Up in Bid to Buy Miami MarlinsPlease clap.
  20. early and often
    George P. May Be the Only Bush Voting for the Guy Who Humiliated His DadHe speculated that the two former presidents could “potentially” vote for Hillary.
  21. Watch Jeb Bush Make a Cameo at the EmmysThe next stop after a failed presidential campaign.
  22. Jeb Bush’s Son Endorses Dad’s Tormentor for PresidentHe said it’s time for Republicans to fall in line behind the guy who coined “low energy” Jeb.
  23. Jeb Bush Endorses the Less ‘Divisive’ Anti-Muslim Demagogue Ted Cruz just called for law enforcement to “patrol Muslim neighborhoods.” Bush endorsed him as an antidote to “divisiveness.”
  24. early and often
    Jeb Bush Loaned His Own Campaign $250,000 Last Month. Sad!As a certain front-runner would say.
  25. Bush Super-Pac Honcho on Blowing Through $100MMike Murphy says out loud what others just think about the GOP nominating contest.
  26. The Republican Establishment Goes to Plan C: John KasichFirst there was Jeb “Shock and Awe” Bush, and then the extremely popular Marco Rubio. Now it’s Kasich’s turn.
  27. the national interest
    Why Jeb Bush’s Campaign Died While Hillary Clinton’s LivedThe two dynastic candidates turned out not to be alike.
  28. Jeb Bush’s Biggest MistakeOf all the reasons Jeb Bush lost big and early, the least discussed is the most obvious: He was probably toast by the time his campaign concluded voters were finally tuning in. 
  29. the national circus
    The GOP Is Still in Denial About Donald Trump — and Ted Cruz, TooWishful thinking among the Establishment won’t change what South Carolina reaffirmed: Those guys aren’t going anywhere.  
  30. Moderate Republican John Kasich Defunds Planned ParenthoodEvery liberal’s favorite Republican candidate isn’t so moderate on issues of women’s health care.
  31. Jeb Bush Finally Ready to Stop Pretending He Could Be PresidentAfter finishing well behind Marco Rubio in South Carolina, Jeb! ends his campaign.
  32. Donald Trump Wins South CarolinaSouth Carolina wants to make America great again.
  33. Why Republicans Need Jeb Bush to Put Himself Out of His MiseryIf Jeb! doesn’t pull the plug on his dying campaign by March 1, he may ensure that Donald Trump wins the nomination.
  34. Polls: Clinton’s Firewall Is Containing the BernAnd the Donald is still trumping the GOP field.
  35. Nevada Caucuses Lack of history, sparse polling, and a lot of different possibilities add up to a puzzling political event.
  36. Jeb Bush: 4th Place in South Carolina Is a WinFor Establishment Republicans, elections aren’t about winning and losing, but about how you play the expectations game.
  37. Politico Calls Boring Bush Ads ‘Scorched Earth’Don’t let the publication’s zest for political bloodshed mislead you.
  38. Kasich All Dressed Up With No Place to GoHe better enjoy his moment in the sun. 
  39. the national interest
    The GOP Establishment’s Tragedy of the CommonsThe richly deserved collapse of a rotten party elite.
  40. A Snowstorm Threatens to Chill Turnout at New Hampshire’s PrimarySome predict a snowy primary would be bad for Rubio.
  41. If Rubio Falters in New Hampshire, Things Could Get Weird For RepublicansLife might get a lot easier for Trump and Cruz, and bring the Establishment nightmare to life.
  42. Jeb’s Big Surprise for the Palmetto State: W. Back on the Stump!Jeb’s desire to embrace his older brother with both arms is getting serious. 
  43. It’s Officially Do-or-Die Time for Rubio’s Establishment RivalsSaturday night’s debate may be the last chance for Bush, Kasich, and Christie to survive “winnowing.”
  44. Even the GOP Establishment Has Stopped Clapping for Jeb BushAhead of the New Hampshire primary, the GOP Establishment is sending Jeb Bush’s campaign a clear message: Beat Rubio or die.
  45. Donald Trump: Candidate of Peace?Trump’s newly revealed foreign-policy “doctrine” shows a marked skepticism of military intervention.
  46. iowa
    Jeb’s Last Iowa Rally: Hecklers & Dated RhetoricHe came onstage to chants of “President Bush!” but it’s looking less and less likely there will be another one.
  47. The Hellish Gridlock of the GOP’s ‘Establishment Lane’Something’s got to give — and New Hampshire is supposed to provide the shakeout. But will it?
  48. Fox News GOP Debate: Nobody Won So Everyone Lost (Except Trump!)The candidates in a position to make a big move stood still, while those gumming up the works did relatively well. 
  49. early and often
    Jeb Bush Says He Doesn’t Think Donald Trump Is Really a ChristianReviving the tacky trend.
  50. The Collected Truth Bombs of Donald J. TrumpRivals are attacking Trump for his past heresies to conservatism, but his current campaign has been full of them.
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