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Jed Rakoff

  1. dramatic flourishes
    Citigroup Would Like Donna Gianell Removed From Juror ListWhy? They’re glad you asked.
  2. style wars
    Silver-Tongued Judge Rolls His Eyes at Andrew Cuomo’s Florid Language“Even in an era of purple prose,” the attorney general is over the top, the judge concludes.
  3. deja vu
    SEC Going After Bank of America For Lying to Shareholders, AgainBank of America didn’t tell investors that Merrill Lynch lost billions.
  4. the long arm of the law
    The Punishers: The New York Judges in Charge of Smacking Down Wall StreetThe New Yorkers sentencing Wall Street wrongdoers are a feisty bunch.
  5. ballsy crime
    Judge Gives Marc Dreier Twenty Years, Hits Him Where It Hurts“He is no Mr. Madoff by any estimation.”