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    Another Jeffrey Epstein Disappearing ActJPMorgan Chase settles for $75 million to make its human-trafficking problem go away
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    Who Are the Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Contacts?Additional prominent names continue to surface from court filings and reviews of Epstein’s schedules and emails.
  3. unsolved mysteries
    Will We Ever Know Why Leon Black Paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 Million?The private-equity billionaire is stalling a Senate probe into Epstein’s wildly overpriced, $158 million tax advice.
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    DOJ Says Jeffrey Epstein Was Given Every ’Opportunity to Take His Own Life’A new Justice Department report states that more guards could have been charged and that Epstein was given extra linen he then used to hang himself.
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    New Court Documents Reveal More About Epstein’s Relationship With JPMorgan ChaseNew emails show that the disgraced sex trafficker offered business advice and set up a key meeting.
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    What Did the Virgin Islands Know About Jeffrey Epstein?New court filings show the former V.I. First Lady tried to help him bring girls to his island and craft legislation that would give him more privacy.
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    The Damning Details That Led JPMorgan Chase to Settle With Epstein’s VictimsThe bank will reportedly settle for $290 million, but its role in supporting Epstein is only becoming more clear.
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    Jeffrey Epstein Once Had Chlamydia and Tried to Contact Larry Nassar From JailAnd other revelations from the latest report on the sex criminal’s final days in jail.
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    Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Tried Blackmailing Bill Gates Over AffairExtortion schemes like this might help explain how Epstein kept billionaires in his orbit for so long.
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    Wall Street Is Finally Getting Its Jeffrey Epstein ReckoningIt’s taken a while, but a series of lawsuits are shedding light on how the sex trafficker worked closely with big banks.
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    JPMorgan Is Trying to Sue Its Way Out of Its Epstein ConnectionThe bank is suing former exec Jes Staley for doing business with Epstein for years, in an attempt to separate itself from the alleged trafficker.
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    These Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Emails Are Pretty GrossFormer JPMorgan executive Jes Staley wrote in an email to Epstein that he liked his time with “Snow White” and next wanted “Beauty and the Beast.”
  13. stop the presses
    How Leslie Wexner Helped Create Jeffrey EpsteinA new documentary traces the relationship between the predator, his benefactor, and the New York media.
  14. court appearances
    Ghislaine Maxwell Gets 20 YearsSurvivors of her and Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring spoke at the sentencing.
  15. the law
    Big Law’s Big HypocritesWhy are self-styled progressive lawyers working for Jeffrey Epstein’s friend, Leon Black?
  16. crime
    Epstein Associate Jean-Luc Brunel Found Dead in Paris PrisonThe modeling agent, who was facing multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault, was found hanged in his cell.
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    There Goes the Last Chance to Learn Jeffrey Epstein’s SecretsThe settlement ending Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Prince Andrew means we’ll likely never learn more about the dead predator’s connections.
  18. explainer
    Prince Andrew Settles Sex Abuse Suit With Virginia GiuffreWeeks before he was to be deposed, the prince settled for an undisclosed amount of money in addition to a donation to a victims rights’ charity.
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    It Doesn’t Matter Why Ghislaine Maxwell Did ItHer trial ended without narrative closure, but some semblance of justice was done.
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    Got HerAfter skating for years, Ghislaine Maxwell is convicted of sexually abusing girls with Jeffrey Epstein.
  21. court appearances
    Ghislaine Maxwell Will Spend Her 60th Birthday in JailHer fate is still up in the air, and jurors have gone home for a long weekend.
  22. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Is Already Almost OverAnd we’re no closer to unraveling Jeffrey Epstein’s secrets.
  23. crime
    The Jeffrey Epstein Mystery RoundtableSix experts on the most intriguing and dangerous unanswered questions about the case.
  24. court appearances
    What We Learned From the First Ghislaine Maxwell Accuser to Testify“Jane” said she was instructed by Maxwell on how to give Jeffrey Epstein a massage.
  25. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, ExplainedThe close Jeffrey Epstein associate faces sex-trafficking and conspiracy charges. Who is she?
  26. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial BeginsOn day one, the defense previewed its strategy of undermining the women who accused her of facilitating abuse.
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    Last ChanceJeffrey Epstein escaped justice. Now his victims nervously await the trial of his alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.
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    Sign Up for Court AppearancesA new newsletter covering the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, by New York’s Choire Sicha.
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    The League of Disgraced Epstein Connections Gains Another CEOBarclays CEO Jes Staley joins the growing line of high-profile figures who have stepped down due to their connection to the convicted sex offender.
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    Second Woman Alleges Leon Black Raped Her in Epstein’s Mansion in Legal FilingA Jane Doe claims she was sexually assaulted by the billionaire in Jeffrey Epstein’s massage room in 2002.
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    Leon Black Tried to Sex-Traffic Russian Model for Epstein: LawsuitThe disgraced billionaire’s legal battle with alleged victim Guzel Ganieva continues after he stepped down at Apollo and MoMA.
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    The Dirt Piles on Bill Gates Following Divorce AnnouncementNew reports detail how Gates allegedly pursued women who worked for him at Microsoft and his foundation — and deeper ties to Jeffrey Epstein.
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    Apollo CEO Leon Black to Step Down After $158 Million Payments to Epstein EmergeThe billionaire will resign as CEO of the private equity firm after an internal inquiry revealed he paid Epstein $158 million between 2012 and 2017.
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    DOJ Probe Into Epstein Prosecutors Ends With Mere Slap on the WristThe inquiry found that prosecutors engaged in “poor judgment” but not “professional misconduct” when they penned Epstein’s sweetheart deal in 2007.
  35. democratic national convention
    Bill Clinton’s Long Run As Democratic Convention MVP Is OverFor the first time in decades, Bill Clinton, subject of personal and ideological controversy, wasn’t featured prominently at the DNC.
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    Ghislaine Maxwell Complains About Conditions in Brooklyn JailFollowing the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, guards are apparently not taking any chances with his alleged fixer.
  37. crime
    What We’ve Learned From the Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein DocumentsThe Ghislane Maxwell document release offers more details on her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and his ties to powerful people like Bill Clinton.
  38. the epstein case
    More Secret Epstein Papers Could Be Unsealed As Early As Next WeekA judge ruled against Ghislaine Maxwell, who hoped to keep documents related to her and Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged child-trafficking ring under seal.
  39. the epstein case
    Ghislaine Maxwell, Deemed a Flight Risk, Is Denied BailHer lawyers proposed she be released to a luxury hotel in Manhattan; a federal judge instead ordered her detained until her trial begins next year.
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    Prosecutors: Ghislaine Maxwell Put Her Phone in Tinfoil to ‘Evade Detection’On Monday, prosecutors alleged that Maxwell put her phone in tinfoil to avoid detection, and that her wealth and connections make her a flight risk.
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    Deutsche Bank Fined for Ignoring Suspicious Jeffrey Epstein TransactionsRegulators state that Deutsche Bank “inexcusably failed to detect or prevent millions of dollars of suspicious transactions” in Epstein’s account.
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    Will Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Make Boldface Names Nervous?Almost a year after Jeffrey Epstein’s death, his longtime fixer is in custody.
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    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested on Sex-Abuse Charges Related to Jeffrey EpsteinLong accused of recruiting underage girls for the late sex offender, Maxwell was arrested Thursday in New Hampshire.
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    What We’ve Learned From Recent Jeffrey Epstein AllegationsA Netflix documentary and a new book detail new allegations about the sex offender’s connections with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Harvard.
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    Why Did Jeffrey Epstein’s Mystery Bank Come Back Online After His Death?A judge wants to know why Epstein’s bank — which shouldn’t have existed in the first place — received $15 million in estate payments in December.
  46. the epstein case
    Lifetime Expands Surviving Franchise With Jeffrey Epstein DocuseriesIt will premiere this summer.
  47. impeachment
    Trump Trial Team Will Include Alan Dershowitz, Ken StarrApparently Trump craved the lurid spectacle these two disgraced old legal beagles bring to his solemn Senate trial.
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    Virgin Islands AG Sues Epstein Estate, Claims He Trafficked ‘Hundreds’ of GirlsThe lawsuit states he trafficked ‘hundreds’ of girls — potentially as young as 11, and as late as 2018 — and led a manhunt for an escaped 15-year-old.
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    Video From the Night of Epstein’s First Suicide Attempt ‘Inadvertently’ DeletedProsecutors state that the MCC deleted the video outside Epstein’s cell on July 23, saving over it with footage from another tier of the prison.
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    Photos Emerge of Bill Clinton Aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’The former president flew to Africa with Epstein in 2002 on a humanitarian mission.
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