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Jeffrey Goldberg

  1. conspiracy theories
    A Wild Conspiracy Theory About Obama Aides Circulated in the Trump White HouseA shadowy private Israeli intelligence firm seems to be the source and the propagator of a wild theory in which Ben Rhodes ran the news media.
  2. media
    The Second Coming of Bloomberg ViewThe mayor’s opinion arm makes more big hires.
  3. peace in the middle east
    The Five Best Things Jeffrey Goldberg Has Been Called Recently“Nazi Scumbag piece of s**t coward moron mass murderering traitor.”
  4. internet-stained wretches
    ‘Bloomberg View’ Signs Up Big-Name ColumnistsEzra Klein and Jeffrey Goldberg.
  5. the tmi
    Jeffrey Goldberg Has a Name for His Balls“The Resistance.”
  6. international intrigue
    Did Fidel Castro Really Mean to Say ‘the Cuban Model Doesn’t Even Work for Us Anymore?’Or was Jeffrey Goldberg smoking something special in his Cohiba?
  7. company town
    Jeffrey Goldberg Wants a PonyMEDIA • Atlantic owner David Bradley sent ponies to Jeffrey Goldberg’s kids to help lure him away from The New Yorker. Seriously. [WP] • Just before the Dow Jones deal went through, the Bancrofts voted to double this quarter’s dividend for themselves [NYP] • Murdoch and Ailes’s next move? All-out war? (Wait, they’re not at war with everyone else already?) [Newsweek]