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  1. politics
    Jeopardy! Champ James Holzhauer Isn’t Sure Who Senator Ben Sasse IsThe game-show winner apparently didn’t memorize his sitting U.S. senators as part of his “strategically aggressive” strategy.
  2. select all
    Alex Trebek Resurrects Ancient Meme for the Tournament of ChampionsHe’s never gonna let you down.
  3. Uptalking Jeopardy! Champ Offends TwitterAnswer in the form of a question?
  4. feature
    What Happens When Watson the Jeopardy! Robot Grows Up?It was just 4 years old when it beat the show’s best human contestants. As it goes out into the world, how afraid of it should we be?
  5. jeopardy!
    I’ll Take ‘Creepy Public Blunders’ for $600, Alex“What is the age of consent?”
  6. early and awkward
    ‘Who Is Herman Cain?’ No One on Jeopardy! Remembers9-9-9? Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan? Blank stares.
  7. party chat
    Alex Trebek Will Never Be a Contestant on Jeopardy!“They would clean my clock.”
  8. jeopardy!
    What Stumped Jeopardy!’s D.C. Power Players?What are categories about 21st-century lingo and great American women?
  9. cable news news
    Rachel Maddow Unrecognizable to Jeopardy! ContestantsShe’s like MSNBC’s Clark Kent.
  10. your move robots
    Warning: After Reading This, You Will Want Ken Jennings to Be Your New Best NerdProbably.
  11. this! is! kind of scary!
    IBM’s Watson Loses to Congressman, Discovers LoveRush Holt 2016.
  12. this! is! kind of scary!
    Once Again, the Robot Takeover Will Begin With Sex AppealWatson knows how to win us over.
  13. this! is! kind of scary!
    How Watson Is Just Like a Human Jeopardy! ChampionKen Jennings explains.
  14. this! is! kind of scary!
    Yup, Watson Smoked Its Competition“I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.”
  15. this! is! kind of scary!
    Whoops, We Built a Supercomputer That Beats Us at Jeopardy!In the “could God create a rock so heavy even he couldn’t lift” category …
  16. this! is! kind of scary!
    Humans at Least As Smart As SupercomputersSo far.
  17. this! … is! … kind of scary!
    Robot Apocalypse Draws Nearer With IBM’s Jeopardy! Victory“Watson” defeated two very smart human people today.
  18. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Wants to Settle This Thing With Rupert Murdoch Like Erudite GentlemenWill Murdoch shrink from the challenge?
  19. awkward things
    Wolf Blitzer’s Epic Celebrity Jeopardy! FailThe august newsman loses to a comedian and the lady from ‘China Beach.’