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  1. jerkiani
    Even Rudy Realizes He Went Too Far by Smearing Marriage EqualityAfter claiming that the gay-marriage rights battle would lead to a Republican landslide in Albany next year, the former mayor seems to back off his claims.
  2. jerkiani
    Giuliani Sticks His Nose Into Bonus BusinessHere we go. “When I was mayor of New York…”
  3. jerkiani
    Giuliani Rubbing His Hands With Glee Over Financial Crisis?The former mayor’s law firm has launched a high-priced task force to consult with companies navigating the crisis.
  4. jerkiani
    Giuliani Wasn’t Always Down on ‘Cosmopolitan’ CitiesThough Giuliani’s mockery of Obama’s ‘cosmopolitan’ background was absurd on its face, we bothered to go back and find a time when the word didn’t seem like such a slur to him.