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  1. psychology
    This Stanford Professor Has a Theory on Why 2017 Is Filled With JerksAccording to Robert Sutton, the problem of “disrespectful, demeaning, and downright mean-spirited behavior” is “worse than ever.”
  2. A Jerk in Clown Makeup Chased a Kid Around the Subway With a KnifeBeware knife-wielding bozos.
  3. super classy
    Jeb Betting That America Doesn’t Like Trump Mocking People With DisabilitiesBush calls the front-runner a “jerk” in new ad. 
  4. jerks
    Texas Cop Demands to Know Why a Man Isn’t Supposed to Hit a ‘Whore’It didn’t end well for him.
  5. jerks
    Harvard Professor Is Now Sorry for Rude EmailsIn which he bullied a Chinese restaurant over four bucks.
  6. jerks
    HBS Professor Fails to Bully Restaurant Meet Ben Edelman.
  7. jerks
    New Nevada Assembly Leader Is a Racist HomophobeMeet Ira Hansen.
  8. jerks
    Airport Strangers Unite to Take Down Violent, Glassy-Eyed HomophobeHe’s also a racist.
  9. jerks
    Guy Whose Dad Owns ‘Half of F*cking Manhattan’ Is an Intern in BrooklynYes, he goes to NYU.
  10. jerks
    At Least One Citi Bike User Doesn’t Quite Understand How Sharing WorksSomeone put a lock on one of the bikes.
  11. jerks
    Video: Drunk Guy Says Father Owns Half of NYCNo one looks great here.
  12. santacon
    This Right Here Is Why SantaCon Can’t Have Nice ThingsAn East Village brawl will be the lasting image.
  13. jerks
    Rush Limbaugh Uses Terrible Rape Analogy to Explain Senate Rule ChangeHere we go again.
  14. jerks
    Hawaii Lawmaker to Stop Smashing Shopping Carts“I guess I shouldn’t use the sledgehammer because it’s a really loaded image.”
  15. jerks
    Ray Kelly Heckled Off Stage at Brown UniversityHe couldn’t give a lecture over constant interruptions.
  16. jerks
    The John Edwards Circus Isn’t Quite Over Obviously.
  17. modern love
    ‘Flirting’ John Edwards Juror Giggles, Touches America’s ArmMeet Denise Speight.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    John Edwards Not Guilty on One Count, Jury Hung on Others [Updated]The judged declared a mistrial on the five remaining counts.
  19. jerks
    Your Landlord Is Not the Worst Landlord(Probably.)
  20. jerks
    Three Percent of Americans Like John EdwardsWho the hell are you people?
  21. Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Slut’ Attack Costs Him AdvertisersIncluding two mattress-makers. But is he losing any sleep?
  22. jerks
    Does Rush Limbaugh Owe America a Sex Tape?We might be paying for his Viagra, after all. 
  23. jerks
    Illinois Congressional Candidate Has Some Funny Opinions on the HolocaustGood luck with that, Art Jones!
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Teenagers Arrested for Stealing iPhoneIt happened.
  25. wow terrible
    Wow, Terrible: Poor Old Woman EditionWorst son in the world, ever?
  26. jerks
    Manhattan Man Arrested for ‘Making Anti-Semitic Calls to His Mother’ Well, at least he finally called.
  27. jerks
    Government Employee Joe Walsh Does Not Care for Government JobsHe tells a postal worker this to her face.
  28. jerks
    Texas Judge Is a Horrible Child-Abuser, Daughter’s YouTube Video RevealsKarma, please approach the bench.
  29. neighborhood news
    Man Installs Bike Rack on Sidewalk, Terrorizes People Who Use ItIn addition to being very un-neighborly, this is also illegal.
  30. jerks
    New Jersey Public School Teacher Not a Fan of the GaysShe calls homosexuality “perverted” and a “cancer” and other mean things on her Facebook page.
  31. media
    Pennsylvania Songwriter Hits Girlfriend After Refusing to Sing About HerMSNBC thinks this is FUNNY.
  32. jerks
    To Catch a Predator Host Reportedly Caught Cheating on His Wife With Former InternHYPOCRITE!
  33. royal robots
    Britain’s Prince Philip: Still a Jerk, After 90 Years“Do you still throw spears at each other?”
  34. it’s science
    Study Confirms: Yep, Alleged Jerks Hold Our Interest“Given a choice, people will stare longer at the faces of people they’ve heard bad things about.”
  35. school gays
    California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Teaching of Gay History in Public SchoolsThe bill is heading to the State Assembly.
  36. inhuman humans
    ‘Sleepless Elite’ Exist Solely to Make You Feel Bad About Having Basic Human NeedsAvoid them at all costs.
  37. jerks
    Alabama Governor Insults All Seven or So Non-Christian AlabamansThey are not his brothers and sisters, he informs them.
  38. crazy in arizona
    Westboro Baptist Church Agrees to Be Slightly Less ObnoxiousThey’ve decided not to protest at a 9-year-old Tucson massacre victim’s funeral, but not because they are suddenly good people.
  39. science
    We’re Becoming a Nation of Jerks(Bigger jerks.)
  40. jerks
    Why Westboro Baptist’s Plans to Picket Elizabeth Edwards’s Funeral Might FailThe First Amendment and a human counterprotest might throw off their evil plan.
  41. jerks
    Evil DecorMyEyes Guy Gets Some More of That Bad Publicity He LovesThis time it’s a little TOO bad: He was arrested.
  42. fi-cri fallout
    Incidentally, the Federal Reserve Really Did Save the World Back in 2008Without the bailout, McDonald’s wouldn’t have opened and your phone service might have stopped.
  43. jerks
    Meet the Guy Who Told the World About Christine O’Donnell’s PubesAccording to his snitchy friend, Dustin Dominiak wrote that terrible Gawker piece.
  44. jerks
    Osama Bin Laden Living in ‘Relative Comfort’Somewhere in Pakistan, obviously.
  45. jerks
    When ‘Whore’ Is Too KindAn assemblyman lashes out at Westboro Baptist Church demonstrators.
  46. jerks
    Creepy District Attorney Couldn’t Understand Why Hot Domestic-Abuse Victim Resisted His SextsGuess she wasn’t the nymph he took her for.
  47. well then
    Women’s Magazine Fudges Its Age“Twenty-three seems lame; 23 seems old.”
  48. early and often
    Apparently Peter King Thinks It Is Still 2004And gay people will be able to scare conservatives to the polls again.
  49. jerks
    Smoking on Planes Isn’t Really That RareIn the past five years, 696 jerks have been charged for lighting up in the air.
  50. vampire crime of the day
    Police Are on the Lookout for Man Who Bit Taxi DriverThis ‘Twilight’ fad has really gone too far.
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