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Jerome Corsi

  1. the national interest
    Report: Trump Associate Roger Stone Colluded With Email HackersMore denials about contact with WikiLeaks fall apart.
  2. birthers
    Birthers Upset That Someone Is Spreading Untruths About ThemAnd, seeing nothing ironic in that, decide to sue.
  3. the death throes of birtherism
    Sales of Birther Book Not Hurt by Complete Invalidation of Birtherism’Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ debuts at No. 6.
  4. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Publisher Describes Title of Upcoming Birther Book As ‘Unfortunate’The book is called ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’
  5. early and often
    Jerome Corsi’s Anti-Obama Book Makes James Frey Look Like PlutarchBut guess what? It’s a best seller.