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  1. biden cabinet
    Becerra Confirmed as HHS Secretary in Closest Vote YetThe California attorney general drew special Republican heat for antagonizing anti-abortion activists and for challenging Donald Trump in court.
  2. california
    California Is Headed Toward a Titanic Battle Over Raising Property TaxesBillions of dollars in tax revenue at stake in the first major effort to modify California’s Prop 13, which limits property taxes.
  3. vision 2020
    California Aims to Make Trump Release Taxes by Requiring It for Primary BallotIt’s the latest in the Democratic effort to force Trump to release his tax returns. But he can get around it by running a write-in campaign.
  4. vision 2020
    California Could Ban Trump From 2020 Primary Unless He Releases Tax ReturnsJerry Brown vetoed a similar bill requiring all candidates to release their tax returns, but Gavin Newsom might sign it.
  5. transit woes
    The Battle Over High-Speed Rail Money Is Part of Trump’s War on CaliforniaTrump’s focus on the California high-speed rail project curtailed by Governor Gavin Newsom is about more than his desire to recoup some federal money.
  6. high-speed rail
    Newsom Derails Jerry Brown’s Pet High-Speed Rail ProjectThe project has been far over-budget, behind schedule, and not very popular. The only surprise was how rapidly Newsom gave it the heave-ho.
  7. housing
    Governor Newsom Takes Aim at California’s NIMBYismThe new California governor is quickly showing his seriousness about addressing the state’s affordable housing crisis.
  8. transportation
    Off-Schedule and Over-Budget, California’s Bullet Train Is in Big TroubleNew Governor Gavin Newsom is promising a “fresh start” on Jerry Brown’s pet project.
  9. criminal justice reform
    California Abolishes Cash Bail Despite Criticism From Left and RightSome conservatives warn abolishing cash bail will cause a crime wave, while some liberals fear judges will just lock defendants up with no recourse.
  10. Trump Throws Word Salads at California Wildfire CrisisTrump seems to be expressing solidarity with anti-environmental California Republicans like his friend Devin Nunes, who thinks rivers are an outrage.
  11. The Bill for the Ballot Battle Over California Gas Tax Could Reach $75 MillionOn one side of Prop. 6 is the California GOP, and on the other side unions, construction companies, and local governments.
  12. Californians Will Be Voting on a Wild Array of Ballot Initiatives in NovemberFrom repeal of a controversial gas-tax increase to a mandate for cage-free eggs, other issues will compete with candidates for money and attention.
  13. Franklin Graham Invades ‘Godless’ CaliforniaIn the state where Billy Graham built his national reputation, Franklin Graham has embraced the Christian right activism his father rejected.
  14. Higher Gas Prices a Headache for GOP — Except in CaliforniaIf gasoline prices stay high, Democrats will use that against the GOP. But in California, a GOP-backed gas-tax-repeal initiative changes everything.
  15. California’s Governor Calls EPA Chief ‘Outlaw Pruitt’Jerry Brown intensifies his war of words — and lawsuits — with the Trump administration.
  16. California GOP Hopes Gas Tax Repeal Will Drive Voters to the PollsWith a Democratic wave building for 2018, Golden State Republicans are banking on a ballot initiative to repeal a controversial gas tax increase.
  17. Jerry Brown and Jeff Sessions Exchange Fiery Words Over ImmigrationSessions made a point of attacking California leaders in California, and Brown made a point of saying the administration is “full of liars.”
  18. natural disasters
    California Governor on Wildfires: ‘This Is the New Normal’And, as if climate change wasn’t a big enough problem, the GOP tax cuts also pose a threat to disaster victims.
  19. Will New York and California Take the Plunge on Single-Payer Health Care?With the national debate in chaos, big blue states might just go it alone on socialized health insurance.
  20. California Democrats Aren’t As Crazy As They SoundAfter a confab marked by a disputed chair election, protests, and obscene chants, it’s easy to overestimate the party’s problems.
  21. Exhibiting the Art of the Deal, Jerry Brown Gets His Infrastructure Bill PassedAs Trump’s infrastructure package struggles for life, California Democrats enacted theirs on a tight schedule with a few timely deals.
  22. Is California Really Going to Secede?There’s a real movement afoot to make the Golden State its own golden republic. At very least, it will galvanize opposition to the Trump regime.
  23. Burying a Hatchet, Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary ClintonThe California governor warns against precisely the kind of bitter-end primary campaign he waged against Bill Clinton in 1992.
  24. the national interest
    California’s Radical College-Sex-Law ExperimentThe dangers of “affirmative consent.”
  25. the sports section
    The Governor of California Is Wagering Rice Cakes on the Stanley Cup FinalPolitician sports bets get lamer.
  26. things that are scary
    A Wildfire Could Take San Francisco Off the GridGovernor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.
  27. puppies!!!!!!
    California Has a Genius Plan for Solving Its Budget CrisisIt involves a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
  28. gays
    Jerry Brown Signs Gay History Law Into EffectCalifornia public schools will be required to teach gay history.
  29. affirmative action
    Governor Brown Says Yes to Affirmative Action in California UniversitiesWants to overturn voter-approved ban.
  30. early and awesome
    California Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Gay History’s Inclusion in TextbooksIt’s now in the hands of Jerry Brown.
  31. school gays
    California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Teaching of Gay History in Public SchoolsThe bill is heading to the State Assembly.
  32. early and often
    A Bad Night for Silicon Valley Millionaires, a Good One for Old-School California DemsCalifornia opts for two candidates with government pedigrees as deep as they come.
  33. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: November 1A look at what’s happening in races around the country.
  34. cable news
    Talk Box: What’s So Wrong With Negative Ads?Plus, Rachel Maddow denounces Sharron Angle’s classy effort to link Harry Reid with scary-looking people who aren’t white, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  35. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 25A look at what’s happening in races around the country.
  36. early and awesome
    Cross-Dressing Korean Bassist Rocks the California Gubernatorial RaceA tweet gone amazingly awry.
  37. photo op
    When Meg Whitman’s the Alternative, Even Former Foes Can Hug It OutBill embraces Jerry.
  38. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 14A look at what’s happening in races around the country.
  39. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 13A look at where the race for Congress stands today.
  40. early and awkward
    Was the Unidentified ‘Whore’ Whisperer Jerry Brown’s Wife?Okay, so maybe it was more of a squeal than a whisper.
  41. early and awkward
    Always Hang Up the Phone Completely Before Calling Someone a WhoreCalifornia gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has learned this the hard way.
  42. early and often
    No Hard FeelingsBill Clinton endorses Jerry Brown, despite the Lewinsky jokes.
  43. early and often
    California Governor Race Between Jerry Brown and Bill Clinton Getting HeatedWait, is Meg Whitman in this race? No?
  44. godwin’s law
    They’re Already Making Nazi Comparisons in CaliforniaThe California gubernatorial race is going to be fantastic.