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  1. 21 questions
    Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara Are Addicted to Swimming and ComputersThe adorable comedy couple fills out our patented questionnaire.
  2. party chat
    Jerry Stiller on Surviving the Great DepressionWe talk to a celebrity who actually remembers what life was like in the bad days.
  3. intel
    Taxi TV: The Celebrities Weigh InWe canvass the stars at last night’s ‘Cry-Baby’ premiere to see whether anyone will defend the honor of cabbie cable.
  4. gossipmonger
    Jerry Stiller Forgot His Manties!Jerry Stiller said he had a senior moment when he exited the locker room at the Jewish Community Center on Amsterdam sans bathing suit. Peter Brant, who bought out his ex-wife’s half of Interview magazine last week, is pleased to have traded Ingrid Sischy for Glenn O’Brien. On Friday, Lindsay Lohan drank vodka at the Box and at the Beatrice Inn while partying with Stavros Niarchos and Brody Jenner before returning to the Four Seasons Hotel to spend the night with Niarchos. Eli Manning and fiancée Abby McGraw ate dinner at Il Mulino in the Village (he got a standing ovation when he left). At the Plumm, Tracy Morgan ordered two bottles of Champagne, ripped off his shirt and started dancing on the banquette, seemingly lost his credit card, found it in his pocket, and then asked a waitress if he could father her baby. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher ate at Café Gray.
  5. intel
    Jerry Stiller Loves Paris in the SpringAmid the jokes and the contempt and the million-dollar interview deals and the mental distress of prison, who among us will stand up for poor young Paris Hilton? Jerry Stiller, that’s who. A soliloquy on the exquisite difficulties of being Paris, delivered to New York Friday by George Costanza’s dad: I have great sympathy for Paris Hilton. I haven’t heard one person in the media who feels sorry for a girl who got caught up in the dazzle. No one has gotten down to the reality that she’s suffering in a very real way right now. It’s almost like she needs to find herself. She’s a great lesson for young people who come out looking for the dazzle, and they’re not in touch with what the dazzle’s all about. I see those girls at the Chateau Marmont hotel, where I’ve gone for fifteen years with my wife. When they’re out at the pool, they’re regular people. They take a dip, get out, and read a magazine. They’ve very normal, and yet they’re in this paradise of old-time actors who once came out here. We’re still hanging onto that glow, that thing that makes us something we’re not in real life. We want to be stars, but, by God, it’s not easy to be a star sometimes. It can be a pain in the ass. But the thing is, Jerry, she can also be a pain in ours. —Arianne Cohen