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    Why Is Everyone Posting Mislabeled Film Stills?A long-running meme format helps film nerds establish their credentials.
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    What If Every Movie Were Actually Jersey Shore?Imagine Mall Cop but instead of Kevin James it’s just Snooki riding a Segway.
  3. sad things
    Jersey Shore Boardwalk Fire Probably Caused by Hurricane SandyIt was an electrical wiring problem.
  4. hurricane sandy
    Jersey Shore Is Still Basically a Police StateResidents aren’t amused.
  5. go ahead jump
    Jersey Teen Sees Lightning, Jumps 35 Feet From Stalled Chairlift RideShe’s okay!
  6. extreme weather
    Woman Dies After Being Struck by Lightning at Jersey ShoreThe New York woman was struck on Monmouth Beach.
  7. the garden state
    Chris Christie Won’t Be Rewarding Jersey Shore’s Bad BehaviorSomebody had to draw the line.
  8. the garden state
    Taxpayers to Give Jersey Shore $420,000 for All the Good TimesSome New Jersey politicians are not pleased.
  9. jersey shore
    Jersey Shore Has Become a Political IssueNobody wants ‘em.
  10. early and awkward
    In Which Senator Chuck Schumer Gets Snubbed by SnookiThis has to be a low point in his career.
  11. nudie shore
    You Won’t Be Seeing JWOWW’s Nude Photos Anytime SoonIt’s a victory for guidettes everywhere!
  12. the most important people in the world
    Betty White, Justin Bieber, Sandra Bullock, and LeBron James Among Barbara Walters’s ‘Fascinating People’In other words, people you were interested in six months ago.
  13. man dates
    Mark Cuban and Mike ‘the Situation’ Sorrentino Had a Man DateIn the meatpacking district, natch.
  14. weather
    Just How Badly Is Hurricane Earl Going to Mess Up Your Labor Day Plans?Probably pretty badly.
  15. que sherrod sherrod
    Shirley Sherrod Thinks She and the USDA Should Go on a BreakShe turns down Tom Vilsack’s job offer.
  16. john mccain
    The Bizarre John McCain–Snooki Flirtation Is Heating UpPretty soon they’re going to need a “celebrity couple name.”
  17. situations
    There Was a Situation on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange This MorningThe cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ rang the opening bell.
  18. early and awkward
    Snooki to Meghan McCain: Your Dad Is HotThis past presidential election, the ‘Jersey Shore’ star voted based on looks.
  19. gays
    Did You Know There Are Gay Dudes in New Jersey?The ‘Village Voice’ uncovers a disturbing new trend.
  20. tweethearts
    John McCain and Snooki Are of the Same MindThe senator and guidette make friends on Twitter.
  21. juiceheads
    The Situation’s Abs Literally Incite ViolenceNaturally, the Situation understood when cops urged him to put his shirt back on.
  22. snookova and friends
    Casting for the Brighton Beach Version of Jersey Shore Is Going AwesomelyThey have found their Vinny!
  23. snookova
    Is a Brighton Beach Version of Jersey Shore a Good or Terrible Idea?That “there will be plenty of vodka, techno music, and guys wearing Adidas pants” is a plus.
  24. shattered glass
    Roof Collapses at Midtown Party, Jersey Shore Cast Members UnscathedYes, Snooki and Mr. Big were at the same party.
  25. gossipmonger
    Ryan Phillippe and That Australian Girl Broke UpPlus, Lindsay Lohan has dumped cocaine for B12, and more celebrity relationship news, in our daily gossip roundup.
  26. gossipmonger
    Katy Perry Found Out Russell Brand Was Going to Propose From a Google AlertAnd more celebrity marginalia, in our daily gossip roundup.
  27. completely jacked like multiple growth hormones
    The Gorilla Juicehead EconomyThe economy has experienced a sudden and noticeable growth spurt.
  28. jersey shore
    Warning: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Headed to a Hampton Near YouAnd she might bring Snooki!
  29. early and awesome
    New Health-Care Tax Targets the PastyAnd the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ becomes a political lightning rod.