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Jesse Angelo

  1. media
    Vice’s Race to Save Itself“Making do with less” has become a theme at the once-swaggering youth-media company, as executives try to find a willing buyer.
  2. ink-stained wretches
    The New York Post Is Switching Bosses for a BitEditor Col Allan is leaving, but it’s “temporary.”
  3. tablet-stained wretches
    The Daily Never Really Stood a ChanceRupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper experiment has officially failed.
  4. tablet-stained wretches
    Layoffs Hit Rupert Murdoch’s The DailyThe iPad newspaper is firing 50 of its 170 employees.
  5. vu.
    Jesse Angelo’s New House Cost Almost As Much As The DailyThat’s some moolah.
  6. the daily
    There’s an Article in The Daily Today About Twins in Akron, Ohio, One of Whom Is Black, and One WhiteSomebody’s getting a raise!
  7. tablet-stained wretches
    Stephen Colbert Does The Daily One BetterFinding the richest, oldest dog in South Dakota.
  8. the daily
    Daily Editor Rallies the Troops“Find me the oldest dog in America.”