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  1. gossipmonger
    Jessica Alba So Hot She Nearly Sets Fire to HotelWell, technically it was the fish sticks that were too hot.
  2. the most important people in the world
    Jessica Seinfeld Is Victorious, AgainA second court says she didn’t plagiarize her cookbook.
  3. gossipmonger
    After Latests Sexts, Elin Flees to Tiger’s Yacht, ‘Privacy’Presumably, she also spent some time on the Internet looking up a few new sexual terms.
  4. manderson
    Madonna, Jesus Luz, Jessica Seinfeld, and Anderson Cooper Walk Into a BarWhat on earth did they talk about?
  5. courts
    Jessica Seinfeld Emerges Victorious From Child-Trickery BattleA judge threw out a lawsuit against her over her healthy cookbook.
  6. gossipmonger
    Seinfelds Enable Madonna and A-Rod’s Unholy AllianceThey let the couple sneak off to their Hamptons place. Plus, Cameron Diaz thinks something lives in the TV, and other spooky, weird tidbits in the Halloween gossip roundup.
  7. gossipmonger
    Blake Lively Annoyed That ‘Seventeen’ Cover Makes Her Look Like Scary Grinning Skeleton CreatureThe ‘Gossip Girl’ star’s publicist complains about her ‘Seventeen’ cover, Rush Limbaugh spreads his wealth, and Kid Rock’s “busload of skanky blondes” are snubbed, in today’s New York gossip columns.
  8. gossipmonger
    Eric Nederlander Just Can’t WinBroadway scion Eric Nederlander is divorcing his second wife just seven weeks after having a daughter with her. Theodora Richards is now vice-president of creative direction at some jeans company. Maxim gave Nas’s new album two and a half stars despite the fact that it’s not even done yet. (They did the same thing to the new Black Crowes record.) Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez flipped out at a midtown bar after a female fan chatted up her boyfriend. Lorne Michaels is in talks with a major Vegas casino to create a live SNL revue starring former popular cast members.
  9. gossipmonger
    Eliot Spitzer Makes Hilarious Faux PasGovernor Spitzer lauded Kerry Kennedy during a speech his rival Andrew Cuomo was at, knowing that Kennedy and Cuomo went through a bitter divorce after she cheated on him. CNBC “Street Sweetie” Erin Burnett is catching heat at the network for the Men’s Health story she wrote titled, “Eight Things That Would Impress Me,” which made her look like, well, a girl who likes to be around money. New Jersey Net Jason Kidd’s girlfriend, Hope Dworaczyk, is pregnant. Stars and publicists hate working with Men’s Vogue because the magazine double-books covers. Jessica Seinfeld may or may not have plagiarized from a third cookbook. Cindy Adams claims a New Hampshire pollster told her before the primary that Hillary Clinton was gonna win by six points.
  10. company town
    Bush to Economy: ‘Hey, Did You Get a Haircut? Something’s Different.’FINANCE • Bush acknowledges slower economy, but he stops short of warning about recession. Still, will he go for another round of tax cuts? [NYT, NYT] • Financial titans Warren Buffett and Maurice Greenberg came under attack in the Gen Re trial. Neither stands as a defendant, but both were accused of being intimately involved in a fraudulent transaction worth $500 million. [NYT] • Now that Jimmy Cayne’s out of the picture, which hedge fund will step in to buy Bear Stearns? [Deal Journal/WSJ]
  11. gossipmonger
    Joe Bruno Thinks Albany Stalemate Is FunnyJoe Bruno thinks the stalemates in Albany, partially caused by his own grandstanding, are funny. TV and radio reporter Penny Crone is turning in the mike for a broker’s license. Jessica Seinfeld may have plagiarized some of her recipes. Ron Burkle, like all rich people, still gets a mortgage when he buys a house. Steve Stoute is about to make a whole lot of money on the sale of his company. The Clintons are about to ruin somebody’s wedding.
  12. in other news
    Hey Jessica Seinfeld! What Up? Dear Jessica Seinfeld, Hey Jess! It’s Chris and Jessica, the Daily Intel editors. You know, your friends. We met that one time at that thing and we’re friends and yeah. Anyway so this morning we were talking and we were like, why don’t we hang out with Jessica Seinfeld more? Because you know obviously we have a lot in common. Like, we live in New York. And we like a lot of the same things you do. Such as shoes. And um, we have brown hair too! And — duh! — you’re a writer, just like us. By the way, we really loved your book, Deceptively Delicious. We don’t have children or anything, but we like to make the spinach-filled brownies and feed them to our Pomeranian mix, Chas. (He’s our baby!) Oh, and, um, sorry about saying you were gross — that was our freelancer Neel. He’s dead to us. Oh, and putting up your picture alongside that post about the Craigslist whore looking for a sugar daddy was totally our photo editor’s idea. We had nothing to do with it. Um. Anyway, call us! Love ya mean it! Your friends, Daily Intel PS: Don’t worry about the little plug we gave your book up there. We’re not expecting you to send us $20,000 worth of shoes like you did Oprah. Really! You shouldn’t! (We mean it, but it’s okay if you really want to.) The Billionaire Thank-You Note: Jessica Seinfeld Gives Oprah 21 Pairs of Shoes[HuffPo]
  13. gossipmonger
    Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld Are a Little GrossAnderson Cooper talks to his young gay friends about AIDS. Jerry Seinfeld brags about the time Jessica Seinfeld touched a stick covered in urine to his bed pillow. Meanwhile, ex-Seinfeld producer Larry David couldn’t be happier he’s lost the ball and chain. Liz Smith finds Charlie Sheen more palatable than Denise Richards. Notorious PR pit bull Pat Kingsley has “FINALLY” resigned from PMK-HBH — or is she being “pushed out?” Donald Trump called both Mark Cuban and Dan Rather “losers” in the same day. That is, like, his