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  1. election hangover
    So About That Hologram Thing…Could Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper really see Jessica Yellin and Will.I.Am beamed into the CNN studios on Election Night? Or were they just pretending?
  2. company town
    Bloomberg: Crane Collapse ‘Intolerable’The mayor gives developers and union leaders a piece of his mind at a press conference on this morning’s crane collapse, students and colleagues of a popular Wall Street figure are flabbergasted by the SEC charges filed against him, and CNN’s Jessica Yellin gets into a war of words about the war.
  3. intel
    Jessica Yellin: Getting Yelled at by Bill Clinton So You Don’t Have To It’s hard to be a TV political correspondent. Unlike print and radio reporters, you can’t just show up to work unshowered, wearing yesterday’s pants that are beginning to smell like a muffin. You have to look good, and you have to have energy. That’s while keeping track of who’s up, who’s down, who’s black, who’s white, who used to be black, etc. Bless those people. In this week’s New York, we picked out five of the rising stars in the 2008 presidential-election press corps that you should keep your eye on because they’re fun, smart, trustworthy, and most important, cute. Just for the Web, we spoke with each about covering the campaigns this year. After the jump, check out our eight questions for CNN’s Jessica Yellin. She’s the hard-tested correspondent who got bitched out by Bill Clinton last week after asking a perfectly reasonable question. She’s an old hat at political interviews, having sat down with Laura Bush, George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, and many others. (We also think she’s funny because, as many correspondents were searching for words to describe how blue-staters feel about Karl Rove, she just came out and said it: “For many Democrats, Karl Rove is the ‘Dark Prince’ of the Bush administration.” He’s sexy evil!)