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  1. Christie and Bannon Can’t Agree on Whose Trump Team Ouster Was More HumiliatingAfter Bannon claimed he put Christie in his “little black book,” the New Jersey governor said Bannon is just milking his “last 15 minutes of fame.”
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    Chris Christie Didn’t Lose Potential Sports-Radio Job, He QuitFollowing a report that WFAN isn’t interested in having him replace Mike Francesa, Christie countered that he took himself out of the running.
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    Chris Christie Confronts Heckler, Doesn’t Drop a Single NachoHe’s had some experience yelling at “big shots” while handling snack foods.
  4. Trump Dropped Christie Over Cell-Phone Germs, or Maybe All the Other ProblemsA new book claims Trump didn’t want to use the governor’s phone for his congratulatory call from Obama.
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    New Jersey’s Government Shutdown Is Over, But We’ll Always Have BeachgateChristie refused to apologize for the photos, saying, “I think my poll numbers show that I don’t care about optics.”
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    Christie Beachgate Twitter Is Almost As Fun As Lounging on a Closed State BeachLet them eat sand.
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    Chris Christie Brags That Trump Made Him Eat Meatloaf at the White HouseEveryone else ordered from the menu, but the president said, “Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.”
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    New Jersey Lawmakers Won’t Let Christie Strike Book Deal, Get ‘Revenge’ on PressRepublicans and Democrats turned against bills that would have raised government salaries and cut a significant revenue stream for newspapers.
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    Chris Christie’s Signed Gym Shorts for Sale on eBayMusty.
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    Trump Rewards Christie’s Obedience by Mocking Him to His FaceYes sir, he would like another.
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    Chris Christie Excited About Upcoming Vacation/Political Suicide MissionThe governor is heading out of state with NJ Transit facing a devastating strike.
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    Twitter Rallies Around Donald Trump Hostage Chris ChristieHis mouth said Trump will be president, but his eyes said “send help.”
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    Chris Christie Stands Up for Unhealthy School LunchesHe told an 11-year-old, “I don’t care what you’re eating for lunch every day, I really don’t.”
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    Strongman Chris Christie Fully Prepared to Start WWIII“Don’t try me.”
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    Chris Christie Still Prefers Death to Serving in Congress“I would rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge,” he says.
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    Chris Christie Considers Himself a Scandal Role ModelIf only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama managed crises as well as he handled Bridgegate.
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    Chris Christie ‘Tells It Like It Is’ (When He Isn’t Dodging the Question)He’s turned avoiding tough topics into an art, but now he’s vowed to always tell voters what he’s thinking.
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    Chris Christie Is ‘Telling It Like It Is’ in First Campaign VideoBut he’s not telling voters about his scandal-plagued tenure as New Jersey governor.
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    Chris Christie’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month Gets Even WorseA judge ruled that his pension move was illegal.
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    Did Chris Christie Miss His Chance to Be President?GOP donors seem far less enthusiastic than they were four years ago.
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    Chris Christie Faces New Federal Criminal InvestigationA prosecutor claims he was fired for going after Christie’s political allies.
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    Chris Christie Stars in Lifestyles of a Rich and Famous GovernorFeaturing Champagne, parties with Bono, and lots of private jet rides.
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    Christie Forms PAC, Declares He’s a Candidate for … Something“Leadership matters,” except when you’re easing into a presidential race.
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    Chris Christie Sounds Pretty Ready to Run for President His Tuesday State of the State address seemed aimed at an audience beyond New Jersey. 
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    Politicians Mock Chris Christie After His Beloved Cowboys LoseIncluding Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.
  26. Christie’s Cowboys Hug Looks Bad in More Ways Than One It turns out that Jerry Jones has a stake in a Port Authority project.
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    Celebratory Dallas Cowboys Hug Costs Christie 2016 ElectionThe governor’s little brother defended his traitorous cheering.
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    Chris Christie Tells Hurricane Sandy Protester to ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’At an event marking the two-year anniversary of the storm.
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    People Don’t Like N.Y. and N.J.’s Ebola PolicyFrom the CDC to the nurse stuck in Newark.
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    Chris Christie ‘Would Rather Die’ Than Be a U.S. SenatorStop forcing him to run for prestigious political offices.
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    Chris Christie Is Upset That President Obama Faulted Staffers, Not HimselfNobody gets to use the Bridgegate defense except Christie.
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    NBC Is Sorry for Suggesting Chris Christie Had Nothing to Do With BridgegateThe investigation is “very much ongoing.”
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    Christie Exonerated in Federal Bridgegate Probe Just in TimeHe just announced he’s “tired of it.”
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    Here’s What Chris Christie Did on His Summer VacationKissed a lot of babies, didn’t get charged with a felony.
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    Chris Christie Loses It Over Bruce SpringsteenThe governor insists he and the Boss are cool, and on a first-name basis.
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    Christie Calls Cuomo’s GOP Rival a ‘Lost Cause,’ Says He Won’t Campaign for Him“I will spend time in places where we have a chance to win.”
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    Chris Christie Just Realized He Supports the Hobby Lobby RulingAfter repeatedly dodging the question.
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    Chris Christie on Bridgegate Scandal: ‘You’ll Get Over It’He assured GOP donors they have nothing to fear.
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    Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘The Evolution of Dad Dancing’Naturally, it involves both Springsteen and Bridgegate.
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    Ex-Aide Says That Chris Christie Lied to the Press About Bridgegate Knowledge Or “misspoke,” as Bill Stepien’s lawyer put it.
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    9/11 Museum Ceremony Narrowly Avoided Chris Christie JokeNot the time.
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    Chris Christie Picks a New Guy to Run the Port Authority We assume John Degnan knows what he’s getting into.
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    Chris Christie Named ‘Father of the Year’ by People Who Aren’t His ChildrenHe says his kids “had a good laugh.”
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    Chris Christie Says GOP Should Be ‘Pro-life After They Get Out of the Womb Too’While speaking about criminal justice reform.
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    Judge Rules That Bridgegate Aides Don’t Have to Turn Over DocumentsCiting their right to avoid self-incrimination. 
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    Watch Chris Christie Get Very Touchy While Joy Behar Roasts HimThe New Jersey governor is trying to have a sense of humor, but it’s tough.
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    Christie Sorry for Saying ‘Occupied Territories’To Republican casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, in particular.
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    Chris Christie, Bouncing Back, Refuses to Play ‘Dodgeball’ With ReportersThe governor is back to his combative press conferences.
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    Chris Christie Says He Lost Sleep, Appetite Over BridgegateThe governor’s first TV interview is with Diane Sawyer.
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    Christie Had Nothing to Do With Bridgegate, According to Christie’s LawyersIf they’re wrong, we’ll know soon enough.
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