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  1. jesus christie
    Christie Addresses Bridgegate After BromanceThe New Jersey governor once again addresses Bridgegate after a little bromance.
  2. jesus christie
    Why Chris Christie Needs to Come Out of HidingIgnoring the media won’t work for the scandal-plagued governor.
  3. jesus christie
    Feds Withdraw Port Authority Chairman SubpoenaHis name pops up in multiple Christie scandals.
  4. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Scandal Crosses the HudsonManhattan’s federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records related to Port Authority chairman David Samson.
  5. jesus christie
    Christie Owes That Long-Haired Guy From American Idol $500For fantasy football.
  6. jesus christie
    Christie’s Other Childhood Friend Gave Tour of Fort Lee Traffic JamThe cop coached Christie’s son in hockey.
  7. jesus christie
    Christie Declares He’s Moving Past Scandal ‘Disappointment,’ Resumes 2016 PushAnd lashes out at De Blasio.
  8. jesus christie
    Bridgegate Panel Wants to Know More About Christie’s Helicopter RidesSubpoenas for everyone!
  9. ink-stained wretches
    The New Jersey Star-Ledger Is Sorry for Endorsing Chris ChristieRegrets, the paper has a few.
  10. jersey boys
    Is David Wildstein Chris Christie’s Sworn Enemy, or His Mini-Me?There’s a strange psychological dynamic at play here.
  11. jesus christie
    Christie: ‘I Had Nothing to Do With’ BridgegateBut it’s still confusing.
  12. jesus christie
    Now Chris Christie’s Bodyguard Is in Trouble for ShopliftingThe headaches don’t stop.
  13. jesus christie
    Subpoenaed Christie Staffer ResignsThis is just a “natural time” to step down.
  14. jesus christie
    Christie Administration Lashes Out at Ex-Friend Who Clogged the BridgeDavid Wildstein claims that there’s evidence proving that Christie lied to the press.
  15. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Inauguration Party Isn’t HappeningBlame the snow, not the scandals.
  16. jesus christie
    Olympic Gold Medalist Claims Christie Tried to Intimidate HimChristie allegedly urged him not to run for state Senate.
  17. jesus christie
    Americans Get to Know Christie, Decide They Don’t Like HimHis unfavorability ratings jumped after Bridgegate.
  18. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Determined to ‘Learn Some Things’“I can’t tell you yet what it is I’m going to learn.”
  19. oh new jersey
    Christie Lieutenant Vehemently Denies Latest Corruption Claim“Any suggestion that Sandy funds were tied to the approval of any project in New Jersey is completely false.”
  20. jesus christie
    Hoboken Mayor: Threat Was ‘Direct Message’ From ChristieShe says she was afraid no one would believe her.
  21. jesus christie
    Hoboken Mayor Says Christie Held Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds Hostage [Updated]Officials told Dawn Zimmer she could have the money if she approved a redevelopment plan favored by the New Jersey governor.
  22. jesus christie
    Bridgegate Gives Clinton Significant Lead Over Christie in Distant ElectionJust 32 months too early for an October surprise.
  23. jesus christie
    Springsteen Mocks Bridgegate in Fallon DuetHe could handle losing in 2016, but not this.
  24. jesus christie
    Christie’s Bridge-Free Speech, by the NumbersHere’s the rest by the numbers.
  25. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Definitely Hung Out With the Guy Who Clogged the BridgeThe governor was seen with his high-school buddy David Wildstein during the traffic jam.
  26. jesus christie
    Fired Christie Aide Remains Loyal, for Now“Her unrequited loyalty is not wavering.”
  27. jesus christie
    Fox News: Chris Christie Is Too ‘Masculine’The right defends the New Jersey governor.
  28. jesus christie
    Fort Lee Mayor Remembers Christie Did Ask for EndorsementAnd other recall pressure from Christie’s camp.
  29. jesus christie
    Kornacki: GWB Lane Closure More Than Traffic JamThe MSNBC host thinks Chris Christie’s aides may have been trying to permanently damage Mayor Mark Sokolich’s legacy project.
  30. jesus christie
    John McCain Also Thinks Chris Christie Is Doing GreatHe’s one of the few Republicans willing to say so.
  31. jesus christie
    George Washington Bridge Scandal Documents Reveal Chaos, Cover-up, and Cursing But no direct link to Chris Christie.
  32. jesus christie
    Christie Bridge Mess Detailed in New DocumentsMore than 900 pages of new documents have been released.
  33. bridge jam
    Chris Christie’s Other Enemy in Fort LeeWas the bridge traffic intended as a message to a different Democrat?
  34. jesus christie
    Rachel Maddow: Mayor Wasn’t the Target of Chris Christie’s Traffic JamThat’s the new theory.
  35. jesus christie
    Christie Apologizes Yet Again in Fort Lee, Gets Sued by New Jersey CommutersMayor Sokolich didn’t want him to come, but Christie “respectfully insisted.”
  36. jesus christie
    Christie Pal Pleads the Fifth at Bridge Hearing, Not Really His Pal AnywayLawmakers voted to hold David Wildstein in contempt.
  37. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Passive Apology, AnnotatedHow would the governor’s remarks have sounded with active voice?
  38. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Apologizes for Bridge Scandal, Insists He Had No IdeaThe contrite New Jersey governor has fired a top staffer he blames for the traffic jam.
  39. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Is the Butt of Bridge Jokes As Scandal Gets SeriousThe New Jersey governor will meet the press at 11 a.m.
  40. jesus christie
    Fort Lee Mayor Blasts Christie, Says He Fears Further RetributionThey don’t seem like the types to take a political scandal in stride.
  41. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Blames Bridge Scandal on Staff“What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable.”
  42. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Goons Really Did Cause a Traffic Jam As Revenge“I feel badly about the kids. I guess.”
  43. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Perfecting His Scoffing-at-Scandals for 2016 He doesn’t see what the big deal is, ever.
  44. jesus christie
    Christie Says He ‘Feels Bad’ for Obama, Blames Him for D.C. GridlockAnd bashes Republicans, too.
  45. jesus christie
    Martinez Backs Christie for President, Dogcatcher, Whatever“Anything he decides to do in life.”
  46. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Offers Positive Spin on ‘Elephant’ Cover “I’m on the cover of Time magazine, you know?”
  47. jesus christie
    Dems to Call Christie Conservative, Aid 2016 BidHis Republican rivals have a more passive-aggressive strategy.
  48. jesus christie
    Shaq Endorses Chris Christie for Governor, Makes Joke We Don’t Understand“He’s a good man. Excuse me — he’s a great man.”
  49. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Wins Endorsement of Newspaper That Appears to Hate HimIt called him “overrated.”
  50. jesus christie
    Christie Will Remain Anti-Gay Marriage, Even If His Child Comes OutFair warning to his four kids.
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