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    Tennessee Man Very Concerned His Google Home Doesn’t Know Who Jesus IsA Google Home will tell you about Satan, but not Jesus Christ.
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    Memes Are Bigger Than Jesus NowMore people are Googling about “memes” than about “Jesus.”
  3. brooklyn
    The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Wants to Be Your Date for MassAnd the campaign is a tad bit creepy.
  4. jews
    Fox Apologizes for Poll Asking Whether Jews Killed Jesus ChristFox has not released the results of the multiple choice poll.
  5. the gods must be crazy
    Pole Dancing Is One of the Many Ways to Worship JesusTake a gander at Crystal Dean’s Pole Fitness for Jesus class.
  6. the gods must be crazy
    The Pope Doesn’t Blame the Jews for Killing JesusAnd in his new book, he’ll tell you why.
  7. jerks
    Alabama Governor Insults All Seven or So Non-Christian AlabamansThey are not his brothers and sisters, he informs them.
  8. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Birther Had an Awesome Time at the Constitution Reading… Screaming things about Obama and Jesus.
  9. thanks for nothing
    Times Readers Vie Over Who Has Most Depressing Thanksgiving Story“My Holiday horror story is that every year I am reminded that my family doesn’t want me and I don’t have any friends.”
  10. the gods must be crazy
    Okay, Okay, So a Jesus Statue Was Struck by Lightning and Burned to a Crisp Last NightBut it’s not THE “Touchdown Jesus.”
  11. in other news
    Michael Moore Is a Better Christian Than YouBecause he goes to church ALL THE TIME.