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  1. foreign interests
    In Bibi’s Israel, Musk’s Brand of Antisemitism Is KosherHow a plutocrat can post antisemitic tweets one day and shake hands with the Israeli prime minister the next.
  2. israel
    Why Is This Geopolitical Fight Different From All Other Fights?The outsize place that Israel-Palestine occupies in American discourse isn’t arbitrary, nor a reflection of anti-Semitism.
  3. politics
    Biden Will Run a Very Un-Waspy GovernmentWomen, Blacks, Latinos, Catholics, and Jews: This ain’t your grandfather’s Cabinet.
  4. vision 2020
    Poll: Jewish Voters Are Indifferent to Jewish Presidential CandidatesAccording to a new survey, Sanders and Bloomberg are running fourth and fifth among Jewish Democratic voters.
  5. religion
    When Trump Talks About Jews, He’s Really Talking to Evangelical ChristiansTrump’s appeals to Jews are mostly dog whistles to his Evangelical base, which views Jews and Israel as central to the Second Coming.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Says Jews Should Love Him Because He’s Almost Literally JesusTrump can’t understand why stiff-necked Jews forsake his brand of blood-and-soil authoritarian demagoguery.
  7. donald trump
    Trump’s Claim That Democrats Are an ‘Anti-Jewish Party’ Is AbsurdHis reaction to the Ilhan Omar controversy ignores a century of strongly pro-Democratic Jewish sentiment, which continues today.
  8. ilhan omar
    4 Reasons Republicans Are Keeping the Heat on Ilhan OmarOmar is a convenient target for Republicans hoping to distract attention from their own and their president’s extremism.
  9. israel
    Can Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni Rebuild the Bridge to American Jews?She’s trying to kick out Netanyahu, but that might not be enough.
  10. Israeli Authorities Detain and Question American Jewish ActivistSimone Zimmerman is the co-founder of Israel-criticizing group IfNotNow.
  11. Donald Trump Gives Non-Kosher Speech to GOP JewsDonald Trump and a bunch of Republican Jews walked into a convention center, and the punch lines were as offensive as you’d expect.
  12. selfie
    How Many Rabbis Does It Take to Make the World’s Largest Selfie?More than 2,000, apparently.
  13. israel
    Jerusalem Terror Attack Kills Infant After Weeks of Rising TensionsA bloody day in Israel.
  14. who run the world (girls)
    Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox Freak Out Over Feminist Bus AdsWatch what happens.
  15. jews
    The Guardian Defends Jews by Kind of Comparing Israel to Al QaedaNot going to go over well.
  16. the national interest
    Anti-Semitic Jokester Has Foolproof ExcuseQED, Jews.
  17. awful things
    Big Menorah Burned Outside Synagogue in Apparent Hate CrimeRight before Rosh Hashanah.
  18. the national interest
    Biden Praises Jews, Goes Too Far, Accidentally Thrills Anti-SemitesKvelling turns to shvitzing as the veep goes off script.
  19. Oklahoma Lawmaker Uses the Term ‘Jew Me Down’“I apologize to the Jews,” he said, unapologetically. 
  20. terrorble
    Lawyer for Alleged Terrorist Would Prefer It If His Jury Didn’t Contain Jews“I think it would be hard for Jews to cast aside any innate antipathy.”
  21. early and awesome
    Mitt Romney Is Elvis (to Certain Orthodox Jews)A group of Orthodox Jews at a wedding party went nuts for Mitt Romney today. 
  22. very old nazis
    Laszlo Csatary Did Nazi This ComingThe 97-year-old former Hungarian Nazi was arrested in Budapest today.
  23. jews
    Borough Park Buildings Defaced With SwastikasReal original.
  24. jews
    Billboard Gives Jewish Drivers Terrible Advice“Shield your eyes.”
  25. jews
    Detroit Tiger Delmon Young on Restricted ListThe Thursday night incident has the potential to void his $6.7 million contract. 
  26. jews
    Delmon Young Gets Drunk, Yells About JewsWe know this because of what happened in Midtown last night.
  27. other states’ embarrassments
    New Hampshire Town to Vote on ‘Jew Pond’Some insist that the name Jew Pond isn’t anti-Jew. 
  28. jerks
    Manhattan Man Arrested for ‘Making Anti-Semitic Calls to His Mother’ Well, at least he finally called.
  29. hate crimes
    Brooklyn Vandals Won’t Quit With the Anti-SemitismMore swastika graffiti turned up over the weekend.
  30. jews
    Fox Apologizes for Poll Asking Whether Jews Killed Jesus ChristFox has not released the results of the multiple choice poll.
  31. jews
    Bad News for Old NazisNazi hunters are making a new push to prosecute Nazi war criminals before they die.
  32. jews
    Israel Will Stop Running Ads About How Terrible America IsHeh, whoops!
  33. fundraising
    Obama Seeks to Shore Up the Jewish VoteThe president said that no ally is more important than the state of Israel.
  34. jews
    It’s Pretty Much Impossible to Be Jewish in AmericaAccording to an Israeli ad campaign, at least.
  35. jews
    Police Investigating Another Anti-Semitic Crime in BrooklynSwastikas were etched onto metal inside an elevator in a Williamsburg building.
  36. jews
    ‘Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing’ Vodka Ad The Anti-Defamation League has demanded that the billboard be removed.
  37. jews
    ‘Avenue Jew’ Sign Is Now the Latest Anti-Semitic Display in MidwoodThe Avenue J subway sign was defaced to read “Avenue Jew.”
  38. jews
    Anti-Semitic Midwood Vandals May Have Left Behind Incriminating Beer BottlesDumb.
  39. jews
    Cars Torched, Swastikas Painted in Brooklyn NeighborhoodWere they remembering Kristallnacht?
  40. other states’ embarrassments
    Texas Lawmaker’s Jew-Slur Filter Malfunctions“Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down.”
  41. jews
    The B110 Will Let Women Sit Wherever They WantWhy this won’t actually end gender segregation on the bus.
  42. jews
    The Gender-Segregating B110 Bus: BustedMayor Bloomberg and various city agencies are outraged about the Hasidic bus line.
  43. jews
    Orthodox Jews Caught Acting Like Orthodox Jews on Semi-Public BusWomen have to sit in the back of Brooklyn’s B110 bus.
  44. rick rolling
    The Most Jewish Minute of Rick Perry’s LifeWhen he danced with rabbis singing Hanukkah songs.
  45. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Schmoozes Jewish Leaders in New YorkHe promises to do something neither Bill Clinton nor George W. Bush were willing to do: Move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  46. sex sells
    Kosher Sex Toy Site Is Rated G for the PiousIt used to be hard for an Orthodox Jew to find a vibrator. No longer!
  47. fun-raising
    It’s Hard to Find Jewish Bachmann Supporters Who Think Bachmann Is JewishWe know because we tried.
  48. fun-raising
    Some Really Oblivious Jews Think Michele Bachmann Is JewishThis makes Mitt Romney’s campaign sad.
  49. let’s get graphical
    American Jews Think Pretty Highly of American MuslimsMore than any other religious groups, Jews have the Muslims’ backs.
  50. oy
    Obama Has Lost the Jews, Part XXIVWhy the latest poll purporting to show that President Obama has lost the Jewish vote doesn’t actually show that.
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