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Jim Chanos

  1. the market prefers blondes
    Jim Chanos Has Been Sounding the Municipal-Bond Alarm for Like Two YearsNo one was paying attention because he is not as pretty as Meredith Whitney.
  2. worlds collide
    Countess LuAnn and Jim Chanos Will Spend Memorial Day TogetherThat makes sense.
  3. white men who uncannily resemble cartoon characters
    Jim Chanos vs. the Grinch Who Stole ChristmasSimilarities abound between the hedge-fund manager and the scourge of Who-ville.
  4. white men with money
    Hedge Funds Sharpen Blades in Preparation for Annual ConferenceTomorrow’s the annual Ira Sohn Research Investment Conference offers a chance for hedge fund managers to show off.