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  1. early and often
    House Republicans Forge Ahead on Doomed Biden Impeachment EffortThey won’t have the evidence or the votes, but at least they can get it out of the way early in 2024.
  2. early and often
    Republicans Started a Civil War They Don’t Know How to EndKnocking off Speaker candidates is easy, but electing one is impossible so far.
  3. early and often
    One Theory on Why Jim Jordan Kept Going for BrokeIf the 2024 election is good for Republicans, it would be bad for Jordan and his far-right supporters.
  4. early and often
    Jim Jordan Didn’t Just Lose. The Hard Right Did Too.The latest from the House Republican tire fire.
  5. early and often
    Who Is Austin Scott? Maybe the Next Speaker of the House!Well, probably not. But the obscure Georgia representative’s challenge to Jim Jordan shows we’re already running low on viable candidates for Speaker.
  6. early and often
    What’s Worse: MAGA Speaker Jim Jordan or No Speaker at All?Jordan is an extremist who will probably shut down the government. But making him Speaker may be the only way to end the House GOP’s slow-motion riot.
  7. early and often
    The House Republicans Are in a Hell of Their Own MakingAll they need to do is elect a Speaker. The one thing they definitely can’t do is agree on a Speaker.
  8. early and often
    Israel War Complicates the Already Impossible Speaker’s RaceUrgent calls for aid to Israel may make solving the House’s impasse over the Speakership and various funding priorities even more difficult.
  9. early and often
    The Race for Speaker Is About to Get RealSteve Scalise and Jim Jordan face off in the Capitol Thunderdome. Here’s how they match up and who else might win the gavel if chaos ensues again.
  10. early and often
    With Trump Endorsement, Jim Jordan Has a Chance to Win the Speaker’s GavelJordan has two assets in his battle with Steve Scalise: the 45th president and street cred with the hard-liners who took down Kevin McCarthy.
  11. early and often
    Republicans and Democrats Went at It Over Crime in ManhattanThe House Judiciary Committee, led by Jim Jordan, held a hearing on Alvin Bragg’s home turf in part to attack the prosecutor of Trump.
  12. early and often
    Alvin Bragg Sues House Republicans to Block Their CounterattackThe Manhattan DA called the Judiciary Committee investigation into his office’s Trump probe “an unprecedentedly brazen and unconstitutional attack.”
  13. politics
    Freedom Caucus Troublemakers Are Poised for a ComebackIf Republicans retake the House in 2022, the caucus could return to its insubordinate ways — fueled this time by loyalty to Trump, not conservatism.
  14. politics
    Pelosi and McCarthy Joust Over GOP Participation in January 6 PanelMcCarthy picked two MAGA hard-liners for the committee. Pelosi vetoed them, so all the GOP nominees quit. And now we have another stalemate.
  15. politics
    Republicans Who Voted to Block Biden’s Election to Investigate Capitol RiotThree lawmakers who objected to certifying the election after the insurrection may now investigate the insurrection.
  16. 2022 midterms
    Republican Senator Rob Portman to Retire in 2022The fight for control of the Senate in 2022 is already underway. The key factor could be the kind of Republican divisions evident in Portman’s Ohio.
  17. impeachment
    Trump Becomes First President to Be Impeached TwiceTen Republicans joined every House Democrat in voting to impeach. Trump’s Senate trial may start just as Biden takes office.
  18. republicans
    House Freedom Caucus Members Go After Liz Cheney for Defending FauciIt’s a sign of the times that hard-core conservative Cheney is under attack for insufficient loyalty to Trump.
  19. ted cruz
    Ted Cruz Challenges 70-Year-Old Actor to Wrestling Match (Against Someone Else)On the list of Ted Cruz’s embarrassing public moments, this one ranks near the top.
  20. impeachment
    House Republicans Want to Add Some Crazy to Trump Trial DefenseMcConnell is struggling to keep Trump’s acquittal minimally dignified, but his president and allies in the House have other ideas.
  21. impeachment
    How Nadler’s Impeachment Hearings Will Differ From Schiff’sEach day of the upcoming House Judiciary hearings will be long and perhaps even more contentious than what we’ve already seen.
  22. michael cohen testimony
    GOP Strategy: Call Cohen a Liar, Don’t Rebut His Specific Claims About TrumpHouse Oversight Committee Republicans just want to attack Cohen’s credibility, and act like everything he says is part of a “Democrat” witch hunt.
  23. republicans
    Kevin McCarthy Easily Wins Bid to Lead Diminished House RepublicansThe congressman from California finally won the job he nearly got in 2015 — though thanks to the midterms, it did not come with the Speaker’s gavel.
  24. house republicans
    Will Losing the House Bring Down Kevin McCarthy’s Bid for Leadership?Ryan’s designated successor has no choice but to get out there on the campaign trail. But anything other than a GOP win could be dangerous for him.
  25. Ex-Ohio State Wrestlers Say Coach Asked Them to Take Back Jim Jordan AccusationsThey said it was clear the former coach, Russ Hellickson, was being pressured by Jordan and his allies.
  26. Amid Sex-Abuse Scandal, Jim Jordan Announces Run for SpeakerThe Ohio congressman is accused of knowing about sexual abuse while he was a coach at Ohio State and doing nothing to stop it.
  27. House Conservatives Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Rod RosensteinIt looks like more of a gesture of intimidation and disinformation by Trump’s closest congressional allies than a serious threat to the deputy AG.
  28. Eighth Former OSU Wrestler Says Jim Jordan Knew About Sexual AbuseThe former wrestler says that when he told Jordan about the team doctor’s inappropriate touching, “he just snickered.”
  29. Trump Believes ‘100 Percent’ in Jim Jordan’s Innocence in Sex Abuse CaseWhen it comes to fidelity to factual evidence, particularly in sex abuse cases, Donald Trump’s endorsement is at best a mixed blessing.
  30. Powerful House Republican Implicated in College Sex-Abuse ScandalThe accusations that Jim Jordan turned a blind eye to sexual abuse as a college wrestling coach bring disturbing echoes of the Larry Nassar scandal.
  31. Arizona Republican Who Squeaked to Victory Joins Right-Wing CaucusYou’d think Debbie Lesko would be frantically signaling moderation after a near-death experience in a special election.
  32. the national interest
    Republican Congressman Denies Trump Has Ever Lied a Single TimeTrump is the new George Washington.
  33. the national interest
    Republican Party Now So Diverse It Includes White Guys Wearing CamoTrump’s party looks like America, if you only hang out in gun shops.
  34. Even Trump Supporters Think Comey’s Letter Was InappropriateThe chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, right-wing radio host Joe Walsh, and Karl Rove criticized Comey for unfairly intervening in the election.
  35. important ceilings
    There’s No Whining in Debt Ceiling BallSorry.