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Jim Justice

  1. early and often
    Republicans Get Prize Recruit Jim Justice to Take On Joe ManchinIf the endangered Democratic senator runs again, he could face West Virginia’s popular governor. But Justice has to survive a primary challenge.
  2. joe manchin
    Could Joe Manchin Really Switch Parties?The senator may become a Republican one day, but giving up the enormous leverage he holds over Democrats right now makes little sense.
  3. bad ideas
    What the Hell Is Vexit?A native of western Virginia tries to explain.
  4. 2020 gubernatorial elections
    Good News for Democrats: Manchin to Stay in SenateHad Manchin run for and won back his old gubernatorial gig, his Senate seat might have soon flipped to Republicans.
  5. West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Continues As State Senate Drags Feet on DealA tentative deal reached by the governor and two unions did not persuade strikers to come back to work, and apparently for good reason.
  6. Scheme to Get Republicans a 53rd Senate Seat Collapses As Manchin Stays PutA rumored game of musical chairs had Perry going to DHS, Manchin to Energy, and a West Virginia Republican to the Senate. But in the end nobody moved.
  7. There May Not Be As Many ‘Trump Democrats’ As Previously ImaginedThe obsession with “Obama-Trump voters” showing the fatal Democratic weakness in 2016 may be based on imaginary party-switchers voting GOP as usual.
  8. West Virginia’s Marginally Democratic Governor Flips to the GOPIn a surprise timed to coincide with a Trump appearance in his state, Jim Justice switched parties, giving the GOP 34 governorships — for the moment.