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  1. master debaters
    For the Last Time, Jim Lehrer Is Totally Fine With His Debate PerformanceAt least, he has no “permanent scars.”
  2. master debaters
    Jim Lehrer Isn’t Losing Any Sleep Over His Debate PerformanceApparently, getting steamrolled by the candidates was all part of the plan.
  3. party chat
    Two-Time Debate Moderator Barbara Walters Defends ‘Gentleman’ Jim Lehrer“It’s very hard and Jim did his best. Jim is a gentleman. Jim is not going to be rude to them.”
  4. master debaters
    Jim Lehrer Defends His Debate PerformanceHe says his mission was to “stay out of the way of the flow.”
  5. Moderator Jim Lehrer Declared the Presidential Debate’s Real Loser#PoorJim
  6. early and often
    Jim Lehrer on Being the Safe, Old Moderator: Hey! I Resemble That RemarkLehrer is “seething” at reports that he’s predictable. (He is.)
  7. master debaters
    The Presidential Debates Get ModeratorsLehrer, Schieffer, and Crowley win.
  8. in other news
    Jim Lehrer Steps Down After 36 Years at PBS NewsHourHe’ll leave as the longest-serving national anchor ever.