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Jim Mattis

  1. defense department
    Mattis Criticizes American Isolationism, Divisiveness Without Using Trump’s Name“Nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither,” the former Defense secretary writes in an essay excerpted from his new book.
  2. william arkin
    A Former NBC News Military Analyst on Why Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Underrated“When Mr. Magoo walks across the girder from one skyscraper to another, we should at least recognize that he did it.”
  3. the grinch
    White House Delivers Chaos, Poverty, Misery for the HolidaysFrom the Mattis resignation to a looming shutdown, the White House is making sure everyone has a terrible holiday.
  4. government shutdown
    Shutdown, Market Crash, and Mattis Out: A Chat About Trump’s Week of ChaosThree Intelligencer writers try to make sense of the madness.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Is Building a Team of Lackeys to Go to War With MuellerAs General Mattis raises questions about Trump’s fitness for office, the president is shutting down the government and locking in his base.
  6. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: The Establishment Will Never Say No to a WarKeep that in mind when listening to the many defenders of the shadowy and unconstitutional occupation in Syria and the endless slog in Afghanistan.
  7. turnover
    Jim Mattis Couldn’t Avoid Trump’s InfluenceHe’ll leave the Trump administration with his personal reputation intact, but the larger values he sought to protect are diminished.
  8. departures
    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Quits Over Disagreements With TrumpIn his resignation letter, Mattis implied Trump is not “treating allies with respect.”
  9. james mattis
    Report: Mattis Not Enough of a Suck-Up for Trump, May Be on the Way OutTrump would prefer a defense secretary who disdains international agreements and laughs at his jokes a little harder.
  10. Man-Child President Calls for ‘Space Force’ to Fight Wars Beyond the SkiesIn unexpected remarks at a Marine Air Station in California, Trump aims very high.
  11. Mattis Tells Troops to ‘Hold the Line’ Amid Divisions in U.S.“Until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other.”
  12. Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Tweets Not Enough to Start Transgender BanGeneral Joseph Dunford wrote in a memo that there have been “no modifications to the current policy.”
  13. Trump Announces Ban on Transgender Troops Serving Military in ‘Any Capacity’It’s unclear how this policy would affect the thousands of transgender troops already serving.
  14. Trump Says He Doesn’t Want Military Interventions. So Did George W. Bush.Beware a Republican coming into office claiming a restrained attitude abroad.