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  1. Bill and Hillary Clinton Will Attend the Trump InaugurationThey will do so out of a sense of duty, say two well-placed sources.
  2. Convention Bounce: A Love That Doesn’t Always LastJust ask Jimmy Carter — or John McCain.
  3. No, Clinton’s Late-Primary Struggles Don’t Portend November DefeatLest we forget, Obama — and also earlier presidents — didn’t do so well in late primaries.
  4. Jimmy Carter Announces He No Longer Needs Cancer TreatmentHe made the announcement at the church where he regularly teaches Sunday school.
  5. Jimmy Carter Lends Ted Cruz a HandCarter criticized Cruz for being too committed to right-wing principles. Which will definitely hurt him in a GOP primary.
  6. Ted Cruz Is Stealing a Page From Jimmy Carter’s Political PlaybookHow to play foil to a candidate like George Wallace — or Donald Trump.
  7. Jimmy Carter’s Cancer is ‘Gone’The 91-year-old former president got the good news from doctors last week.
  8. former presidents
    People Are Camping Out to Hear Jimmy Carter Teach Sunday SchoolPeople slept in their cars to see the former president.
  9. former presidents
    Jimmy Carter: Doctors Found ‘Four Spots of Melanoma on My Brain’“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes.”
  10. former presidents
    Jimmy Carter Has Cancer“A more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week.”
  11. get well soon
    Jimmy Carter Falls Ill in Guyana, Returns to U.S. Monday’s election in Guyana will be the 100th observed by his foundation.
  12. spy games
    NSA Chief Assures Jimmy Carter That They Aren’t Spying on HimOne American down, only 299,999,999 to go.
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    Jimmy Carter Uses Snail Mail When He Doesn’t Want to Be Spied On“When I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself.” 
  14. Decades-Long Passive-Aggressive Dispute Over White House Solar Panels ContinuesObama is putting them back up. 
  15. international affairs
    Jimmy Carter Is Planning Another North Korean Rescue MissionKim Jong-un got lonely, sentenced an American to fifteen years hard labor.
  16. Stop Trying to Kill Jimmy Carter, PeopleApparently this happens a lot. 
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    All the Presidents’ Jokes From the George W. Bush Library DedicationThese guys.
  18. photo op
    Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy Carter Having a Staring ContestA photo!
  19. stuck in the mittle
    ‘47 Percent’ Video Earns Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Praise From Two PresidentsBut no high five from Obama.
  20. the hunt for red november
    Jimmy Carter Clearly Trying to Destroy Jon HuntsmanHunstman is “very attractive” to him.
  21. retired world leaders
    Americans Continue to Sour on Jimmy CarterBut they’re loving Bill Clinton more and more.
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    Jimmy Carter: Not a Witch, Cool With Masturbation“As a young man, I was not 100 percent against … “
  23. ballsy former presidents
    Jimmy Carter Is Just Going to Say It: Jimmy Carter Is GreatWay better than all the other former presidents.
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    Jimmy Carter Secures Release of Detained AmericanGomes expected back in Boston Friday afternoon.
  25. north korea
    Jimmy Carter to Head to North Korea on Rescue MissionPrivate trip to rescue Aijalon Mahli Gomes.
  26. what other people think
    Pretty Much Nobody Has Jimmy Carter’s Back on This OneBut it’s not because they don’t think he’s right.
  27. imagined conversations
    What Do Five Presidents Talk About Over Lunch?Our exclusive transcript of the meeting between Obama, Clinton, Carter, and the Bushes.
  28. early and often
    President Bush Plans Lunch With Carter, Clinton, Poppy, and ObamaWow, one of them is really going to stick out. They all have full heads of hair except George H.W. Bush!
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    Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Clearly Haven’t Had ‘That Relationship Talk’ YetPlus, gossip on Brandon Davis, Molly Sims, Julia Roberts, and more in our daily roundup.
  30. gossipmonger
    Jack Donaghy to Depart ‘30 Rock’? We’re Not Ready!Also, more gossip on Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, what folks are up to in Cannes, and more, in our daily roundup.
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    Jimmy Carter Makes Us Feel Like LosersJimmy Carter has a new title on his Nobel- and Grammy-studded résumé: movie star. But the other night at a screening of The Man From the Plains, Jonathan Demme’s new documentary about the former president, Carter was still adjusting to being a leading man. “I’m waiting to see whether I’m going to be a villain or a hero,” he joked. Making the movie, he said, made him empathize with the plight of reality-TV stars. “Demme intruded in my life sixteen hours a day, week after week,” Carter said. “When I got up in the morning, he was there with two or three cameras; when I walked down the corridors, he was there in front and back with two or three cameras. He would excuse me on occasion — always when I went to the restroom.” The movie followed Carter on the book tour for his controversial Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, the 25th book he’s written during his activist post-presidency. Right! That doesn’t make us feel lazy or anything! So, does he have any advice about what the current president might do once he leaves the White House? “I’d be a poor adviser for someone who wants to ‘replenish the coffers,’” he said. Snap!—Janelle Nanos