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  1. the slap
    The Kimmel-MTG Spat Over the Slap Proves We’ve Learned NothingAmid our national discourse on comedy and violence, Marjorie Taylor Greene has reported Jimmy Kimmel to Capitol Police for a Will Smith joke.
  2. last night on late night
    There’s Plenty of Crack Talk in Jimmy Kimmel and MyPillow Guy’s Interview“I believe that you are sincere. I also think there’s something going on from the crack.”
  3. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Begs Older Americans to Vote Donald Trump Out of Office“Is this who you want leading us? A president who clearly and intentionally inflames violence in the middle of a riot to show how tough he is?”
  4. select all
    Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Goes on Kimmel, Airs Random User’s CommentsAnother classic Jimmy Kimmel prank!
  5. Jimmy Kimmel Might Have Struck the Final Blow Against the GOP Health-Care PlanThe last thing Republicans needed this week: a viral plea to protect people with preexisting conditions, like Kimmel’s newborn son.
  6. last night on late night
    Trump: ‘I’m Going to Win the Hispanic Vote’“We’re going to see what happens.”
  7. comedian-in-chief
    On Kimmel, Obama Talks Kanye, UFOs, Mean Tweets … and FergusonIt was one of his weirdest – and most amusing – late night interviews.
  8. bill de blasio’s new york
    De Blasio Sings ‘I Love L.A.’ on Jimmy KimmelThe mayor lost a Stanley Cup bet.
  9. the clintons
    Kimmel Asks Clinton About 2016, Gets SelfieIt’s better than nothing, sort of.
  10. other countries’ embarrassments
    Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Rehab, Rob Ford Laughs It OffAfter being thoroughly mocked.
  11. other countries’ embarrassments
    Rob Ford Happy to Joke About How He Is a Total MessGet ready for his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.
  12. pixel-stained wretches
    Twerk-Fail Video Was a Jimmy Kimmel StuntOf course it was.
  13. first lady of fabulous
    Michelle Obama Longs for the Thrill of Shopping at CVSThe First Lady shares her escape plan with Jimmy Kimmel.
  14. raging boehner
    Jimmy Kimmel Presents the Crying Boehner Baby“Everything makes him cry.”
  15. early and awkward
    Jimmy Kimmel’s Nixed WHCD JokeIt has to do with dead babies and Mormons and … wow, it would not have worked out well. 
  16. fair point
    Seated Next to Sofia Vergara, Christie Didn’t Mind Fat Joke“It’s not the Olive Garden state,” Kimmel joked.
  17. white house correspondents’ dinner
    Keith Olbermann Didn’t Even Want to Attend the Correspondents’ DinnerTake that, Jimmy Kimmel. 
  18. politics is a joke
    We Try to Best Jokes From the WHCDSome were actually kind of funny! 
  19. evil things
    Jimmy Kimmel Ruined the Super Bowl for So Many PeopleHis latest prank was so evil.
  20. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Doesn’t Hold Back on Kimmel“When people get on the Cain Train, they don’t get off.”
  21. gossipmonger
    Jesse James Had Better Remove Any Potential Bludgeoning Devices From the HouseSandra Bullock has admitted that if she were Elin Nordegren, she wouldn’t have stopped whaling on Tiger last Thanksgiving.
  22. gossipmonger
    Kristen Stewart Is Tired of People Comparing Her to Angelina JolieAren’t we all?
  23. gossipmonger
    Kimora’s African Nuptials May Not CountYou can’t marry one dude while you’re still married to another, Kimora! Even if they’re both superrich and famous.
  24. gossipmonger
    Lourdes Just Couldn’t Take the Fighting AnymoreShe wants mom and dad back together, and Little Malawi David probably does, too. Also, come on with Cin to the Fulton Fish Market! In the Ides of January gossip roundup!
  25. gossipmonger
    Billy Joel Self-Pops Cherry for ObamaDid he REALLY have to put it that way? Plus, Tom and Gisele are probs getting married — awesome, you guys! In Monday’s gaggle o’ gossip.
  26. party lines
    Sarah Silverman Would Love to Adopt a Chinese BabyThe comedienne reveals a beneficent streak at a charity affair in the Hamptons.
  27. company town
    JPMorgan Chase Profits Fall 53 PercentBut they did better than analysts predicted. That, plus the latest on Hamptons real-estate prices, Condé Nast’s upper echelons, and the “You go girl!” spinner, in our daily industry roundup.
  28. gossipmonger
    Justin Long Rebounds With Kirsten DunstDrew Barrymore’s ex gets a new blonde, or at least some publicist says. Plus, ‘Maxim’ tries to reconcile with Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Kimmel says something sincere about Sarah Silverman, and more breakups and makeups, in our daily gossip roundup.
  29. gossipmonger
    Eli Manning’s Little Town Blues Have Melted AwayEli Manning and Yogi Berra sang “New York, New York” together at Rao’s. Male madam David Forest says Marc Jacobs used to employ his services. Mariah Carey shot a video on the rooftop of Lenny Kravitz’s Crosby Street apartment. Mayor Bloomberg celebrated his 65th birthday with Steven Ratner and others at Michael’s. R.E.M. front man Michel Stipe got into a go-cart accident two weeks ago but is fine now. Blackstone Group co-founder Pete Peterson sold his River House digs to financier Jeffrey Leeds for $10 million.
  30. gossipmonger
    Jacko PornoMichael Jackson is trying to reclaim a trove of Jacko memorabilia set to be auctioned off this month, some of which is pornographic in nature. Lindsay Lohan and “boyfriend” Calum Best got into a shouting match at the Soho Grand. Jerry Hall called Mick Jagger cheap. Billionaire David Koch boasted that he had graduated college when his wife was only six weeks old. The Office star Jenna Fischer slipped and fractured four bones in her back at Buddakan, but she’s okay now. Charles Barkley thinks Don Imus should just have been suspended, not fired. Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot backed out of his deal to open a gastropub on the Lower East Side.