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Job Approval

  1. Trump Has Obama’s Reelection Numbers, But Not His ChancesClinton and Obama were popular before and after their bad midterms. We’ve not seen a popular Donald Trump so far.
  2. Health-Care Debacle Further Depresses Trump’s Already-Low Approval RatingsThe president is finding himself so deep in negative territory that it could really damage his party in 2018.
  3. Trump Isn’t Getting a Poll Bump From His Big SpeechGiven the rapturous take on Trump’s speech by conservatives and much of the mainstream media, most expected a rise in his numbers. Instead: crickets.
  4. Trump Is Unpopular, But Not As Unpopular As Liberals ThinkAre Trump’s historically low approval ratings high enough for Republicans to avoid a 2018 disaster? Probably so, but there’s not much room for error.